Vintage Decoupage Pen Holder

Hello arty-crafty friends, Gayatri here!

Today I am sharing a simple decoupaged pen holder as my DT project for Itsy Bitsy. I have used the A4 Decoupage Papers from Little Birdie. Before I start with my project, I would like to share my views about these decoupage papers. The papers are 70 GSM in thickness and this makes them sturdy as well as pliable. It is very easy to work with and you hardly get any wrinkles if you are careful. I generally love to work with decoupage napkins because they are thin, but these papers are just fantastic and I am in love with them. So go ahead and try them out, even beginners can work with them easily.

Now, let me get going my project. I will be sharing few tips as I explain my project.

You require the usual materials required for decoupage. A wet wipe or a wet cloth should be handy.

Always remember, frayed edges blend easily than straight cuts which are easily visible. I applied water to the edges with paint brush and gently tore along the edges. Working with these papers, you can easily do this. You can paste the paper throughout without tearing, but I wanted matching patterns on opposite sides, so used four separate pieces of decoupage papers.

Apply an even coat of decoupage glue. You can use Gloss or Matte finish, as you like. I have used Little Birdie Decoupage Glue- Matte.

Put the paper in place and press the paper with a bone folder or scraper to take out any air bubble trapped inside. Start from one end and slowly move to the other end. Wipe the excess glue each time with a wet wipe or cloth. Glue on scraper or the bone folder can tear the decoupage paper when you move the scraper/folder, so be careful while working. See that there are no wrinkles. Allow to dry.

Use a nail filer or fine sand paper to file away the excess paper and smoothen  the edges. It is easy to can file away just like we do for tissues.

Mix chalk paints ‘Snow’ and ‘Lemon Chiffon’. I added a touch of brown acrylic paint to get the matching color. Touch up the edges to blend. Ink the edges and you can add stencil patterns at this time. I have used script stencil.

Apply a coat of decoupage glue. Allow to dry.

Add two/ three coats of varnish allowing each coat to dry for at least half an hour in between.

Added few chipboard elements and flowers. I fussy cut the butterfly and applied decoupage glue at the back and allowed it to dry. I did this to make it stiffer. I added a blob of hot glue at the back, under the wings and allowed it to dry to get a dimensional effect. I stuck it with hot glue onto the holder. Here are some more pictures of my project:

Hope you liked my project. Till next time – Happy crafting!!



Materials used:

Pen Holder
Decoupage Paper
Decoupage Glue
Chalk Paint
Chalk Paint
Chipboard Elements



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