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Hi reader/ crafter/ passer by…..who ever you are this is just a quick intro to a world of joyful crafting.

I am Ranjitha and I am here to walk you through the wonderful world of crafting with the CRICUT JOY.

The idea behind the Cricut Joy is that we have a machine that is small and mighty. This is especially useful for people who like to craft on the go. It will fit easily on a train’s side table or even on your seat next to you ……get your internet going on your phone and you are all set. It works only with bluetooth so there are no wires hanging or getting in the way of your small crafting space. Perfect for your long flight trips or any where you need to while away your time. All you need is a power source and internet and your are good to go! So if you have a small crafting space in your compact home this is a perfect choice.

Now what can this lilliputian do…. it can make cards, labels, banners, any project that is 4.5″ by 5.5″ upto 4.5″ x 11.5″. It can cut paper and vinyl, foil, acetate etc. up to 50 + Materials listed here.

What do I use it for?….I use this handy machine to make my quick cards and tags, kitchen labelling, mini vinyl cuts and even drawing. You can also use adhesive vinyl/cardstock to decorate things like mugs, phone cases, and more. It is fun to put your creations on the items you use every day.

This machine also comes with many different accessories that you can purchase from Itsy Bitsy.  For instance, I enjoy being able to use glitter gel pens to add a little sparkle to my projects.

Something that I purchased to go with my machine was the carrying case. It made it easier to take wherever I went without having to worry about if my little machine will be okay. It fits your machine perfectly, along with the adapter and a few other things. This is also available at Itsy Bitsy.


Cricut joy Machine Carry Case

Now that you have the machine how can you use it? You will need a Design Space Subscription which is free with  access to 1000s files and you can take a paid subscription for unlimited usage of all their designs. You can use design space on your laptop, computer, ipad, tablet and even your android phone. Just search for Cricut Joy and the app will show up for you to get going.

The software is very quick and easy to set up and begin using. They give you step by step instructions with pictures on each page. Having the visual pictures made it easier because when I first opened it, I didn’t know what went where.

You will also have a sample project to complete after you get everything set up. It will help ensure that you understand how this machine runs and what you need to do to start different projects.

Here are a few sample of the initial projects I made using my JOY

So do you need this machine….if you are a crafter yes….if you are someone who wants to start a new hobby absolutely yes….for anyone else who wants to dabble just go for it.

Let me list out a few pros and cons of this machine:


  • You can take it practically anywhere you go.
  • It is affordable for an electronic die cutting machine. 
  • The design is super compact and looks absolutely adorable. (The total size is half of an A4 Sheet 8″X4″X4″)
  • You can get free designs online, which is a great convenience. 
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Fully controlled by an app on your phone, PC, or tablet.
  • Very easy to operate. 


  • The size limitation can be a concern
  • Limitation in materials
  • Knowing basic of computers is a must

So what is my verdict….this is one of my favourite machines for on the go projects. I can even take it to my kitchen and whip out my labels. I do not need a mat if I use smart materials. As I was typing this blog my maid wanted a label done and in 3 steps I could get her one

Select and edit your design on the Cricut Joy app 

Select material

Send to Cricut Joy

The machine draws, writes and cuts and prompts you to change the pen and the blade on the app itself…how cool is that.


This may read like an epic saga but this mini mighty machine got to me from day one and just wanted to share the JOY with you.

Thank you for reading till the end we are available for all your queries. Take one JOY home today.

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