DIY Christmas Photo Frame

Hi everyone, welcome to the blog today. Serene here from Sereneshandmade with a simple and exciting new way to turn a simple MDF photo frame into a lovely Christmas wall decor. If you want, it can be used for displaying your photos too.

1.Take an MDF photo frame, separate the base and keep aside.

2.Paint the top part with archival multi-surface paints -Tangy Tomato and the edges roughly with chalk paints Charcoal with some spillover to the red part.

3.Take the rear side of the photo frame. Take the newly launched Christmas theme decopage paper Joyful Christmas, trace out and cut out according to size. 

4.Apply a coat of decoupage glue and MDF base and stick the decopage paper carefully. Apply a thin coat of decoupage glue over it. Let dry.

5.Once dry, insert the decopaged part on the back of the frame.

6.Decorate the frame with a bow made from Christmas Tartan Ribbon, few pinecones, and  Glitter red Christmas Poinsettia with silicon glue.

Let it dry and the beautiful Christmas decor frame is ready.

You can also add your photos to the frame if needed.

Do share your work on Instagram and tag @itsybitsycraftstore and @sereneshandmade.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you.

Materials required 

MDF photo frame 

Decoupage paper Joyful Christmas

Glitter Poinsettia – Red

Small Pinecones 

Christmas Tartan Ribbon 



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