Upcycled Coffee Mug with Cricut Joy

Hi everyone, Serene here from Sereneshandmade. I am so excited to own the cute and handy Cricut Joy I ordered from Itsy Bitsy. It’s been such a wonderful experience and I am so happy with the machine. I try something new almost everyday. Cricut joy is a lovely portable machine, which is best for smaller projects like labels, cards, vinyl stickers, iron on, banners, paper crafts etc. Cricut machines along with all accessories are available to order at Itsy Bitsy app and the website www.itsybitsy.in.

For today’s project I have upcycled a plain ceramic coffee mug. It a fantastic piece of art which can be used daily. I have used Cricut Joy smart vinyl permanent glossy. The advantage of using the smart vinyl is that it can be directly fed into the Cricut Joy and doesn’t require a cutting mat.

So let’s start the project.

1.Take out you Cricut Joy and connect it to the power outlet.

2.Open the Cricut design space app on you phone or the website on your laptop or tab. It’s available both on iOS  and  Android phones.

3.Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone or laptop.I design on my android phone.

4.Search for heart mug in the app.

5.Select the heart mug project and click option to make it. Size can be adjusted if you wish.

6. On the next page select the base material that you are using.

7.Choose option without mat Cricut Smart materials  only for this project.

8.Next it will show the prepare page ,click next button at the bottom right.

9.On the next page we can see the preview and also the minimum size of material required for the project.

10.Now connect the Cricut Joy to the phone.

11.On the next page select the base material. Here we are using the smart vinyl – permanent.

12.Now load the fine point blade if not already done .

13.I have loaded the smart vinyl in red colour for the project.

14. The Cricut will assess the length of the smart material and will start the cutting process.

15. This is how it looks on the app.

16.Cutting in progress…The total cutting time depends on the size and intricacy of the project.

17.Once the cutting is complete, select the unload button to release the project.

18.Cut out the heart shaped part using the scissors in the Cricut essential tool kit.

19.Weed out the  negative parts of the design using the weeding tool. Look how perfect the cut is.

20.Remove the rest of the surrounding sticker and cut out the heart

21. Cut out a piece of Joy transfer tape to match the size of the heart.

22.Remove the base on the transfer tape and stick the heart onto the sticky part.Rub on the back using the scraper tool and peel the transfer tape gently.

23. This is how it looks.

24.Stick the transfer sheet slowly on the mug and burnish it with the scraper tool.Remove the transfer sheet gently. Use the scraper tool on the mug to remove any inadvertent air bubbles.

The beautiful mug is ready for use. Wash gently and it will last for a really long time.

Use code Serene5 at Itsy Bitsy website or app for extra 5 percent discount.

All Cricut products including machines and accessories are available at Itsy Bitsy. Book yours today and become a part of the Cricut family. It opens up a whole new world of crafting opportunities from card making, labels designing, irons ons so easily with perfect results.

Happy Crafting everyone. Do share you projects on Instagram and do tag me, Itsy Bitsy and Cricut India.

Materials used

Cricut Joy machine

Cricut core colors basic tool set

Cricut Joy smart vinyl permanent 

Cricut Joy transfer tape 
















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