” Tea is a Cup of Life ” Decor with Image Transfer

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This is Sonal Shah here. Today I am here as a Guest DT and am going to share a tutorial on newly launched Little Birdie Photo Transfer Medium. Rashmi Harish and Anitha Malhesh, thank you so much for this opportunity. So let’s get started …

To do a photo transfer on a wooden base, I’m selecting this wooden board in the shape of a cutting board. This can be used as a kitchen decor piece.

Lets have a look at how I made it,

First, I applied 2 layers of Little Birdie Chalk Paint (Butternut Squash color) on the board. I allowed enough time for the first layer to dry, before applying the second coat. The base was now ready for image transfer.

I selected an image that I liked, you are free to choose the image you wish to transfer on the base. Take a mirror image laser printout on a regular Xerox paper. For this project, I chose a black and white image.

After deciding the exact area on the base where I wished to transfer the image, I trimmed the paper as required.

I applied the Photo Transfer Medium on the base, precisely on the area where I wanted to transfer the image and also on the trimmed paper (on top of the image). Next, I stuck the paper image facing down on the base.

NOTE: Use the Photo Transfer Medium in just optimum quantity, neither to much nor too little. Also, ensure to spread the medium evenly.

As you stick the paper, ensure there is no air trapped in between the surface and the paper. Now, gently keep pressing the paper with a soft cloth from the middle towards the edges. Take a while to do this gently. Make sure all the air bubbles are released and paper is properly stuck. Image will get transferred partially if there are air bubbles trapped in between the surface and the paper.

Once done, let it dry overnight or for 10-12 hours.

Now it’s time to remove the paper. Dip your fingers in water and dab the paper starting from one corner. Move your fingers in circular motion and remove the paper but ensure that you don’t overdo it, too much rubbing on one spot will spoil it. Sometimes even after removing the paper, whitish tinge is still visible on the image. Don’t worry. That’s the beauty of image transfer.

NOTE: Just in case if you feel the paper is too wet, use a hair dryer for a moment to dry it. If the paper is too wet, there are chances of image getting erased.

After making sure the paper is removed properly, just dry the area and clean it with a soft cloth. Apply a coat of the Photo Transfer Medium on the image.

On the non-image area of my base, I have distressed the edges with black archival link and added splatters with black acrylic colour.

Use varnish on top of the ready base to seal the project and add jute twine and metal charm to enhance the beauty of the project.

Voila … The kitchen decor piece is ready!!

The trick to image transferring is using the right amount of glue and ensuring no air bubbles are trapped between the base and paper.


Hope you will try it and share your creations for us to enjoy!

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  1. Lovely creation Sonal and well explained tutorial, easy to understand. Thank you for sharing.

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