Heart Wall Decor with Grainy Texture Paste

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Priti Jain here today at Itsy Bitsy’s blog as a DT.  I will be sharing with you a pictorial of a simple wall decor with Itsy Bitsy’s craft supplies.

Recently, team IB sent me Little Birdie’s Black Gesso, Grainy Texture Paste and Soft Gel Medium. So I thought of creating something using these things.

I chose a heart shaped MDF plaque of approx 6” in (height) to work on. I placed it on Little Birdie’s crafting mat and gently sanded the heart base.  I applied Little Birdie’s Black Gesso on one of the sides of the heart and varnished it. This was done to seal the rear side of the base. One can do this even in the end of the project.

Then I started working on the front portion of the base. I skipped applying the white gesso on the base and directly applied a thin coat of blue acrylic paint over the base. Once it dried, I created an uneven textured pattern (as I didn’t wanted a plain and smooth pattern) using a stencil and Little Birdie’s Grainy Texture Paste with a palette knife.

The reason why I created an uneven textured surface instead of a smooth look is because the napkin that I chose to work on had snow in the background. So to give a coordinated look, I used the grainy paste as a base for a snowy look.

Once it dried, I applied some decoupage glue and used a roller brush to spread it evenly on the uneven textured surface. Next, I adhered the napkin over it.

Once it was dry, I applied another coat of the decoupage glue over it and later sealed it with Little Birdie’s Decor Varnish.

It can be used as a wall decor or fridge magnet (a big one).

I created another similar decor piece using Little Birdie’s 2 in 1 white Texture Paste and created smooth and even texture over it. Both the heart decor shapes gives different looks because of the kind of Texture Pastes used and the way the pastes have been applied (even/uneven layering).

Materials used:  Blue acrylic paint, Little Birdie’s Grainy Texture Paste, stencil, decoupage glue , varnish, palette knife, sponge roller, brush, and black gesso

Hope you guys like it

Happy crafting!!!


Priti Jain


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