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This is Anamika Sarkar on Itsy Bitsy’s blog today. I am so happy to be sharing with you tips and tricks of using Chalk Paints as a guest DT.

Chalk paints are so versatile. Knowing various techniques, where to use them, how to use them can give you so much advantage in prettifying and adding colours to your projects. I have also done a tutorial on the same which can guide you too. So let’s get started ….

Firstly I would like to say that chalk paints can be used on any surface …be it plastic, metal, glass, wood , MDF etc. They give an excellent coverage and a matte finish. They are excellent for use on furniture as well.

1. I use chalk paints as a base coat on all my projects for decoupage, especially when I use tissue paper. One very important tip for beginners is that wherever two surfaces come in contact with each other like in boxes, you should always use chalk paints. This is simply because acrylics tend to produce stickiness and you may have problem while opening the box.

2. Chalk paints can be used to give a distressed look with the help of application of wax ….I have shown the procedure in my tutorial.

Chalk paints can be used along with crackle medium to give an excellent look to your project. I use chalk paints in all my decoupaged projects especially when I do reverse decoupage. When applying paint on your dry Crackle Medium one has to make sure that the coat is thick and thus chalk paints serve the purpose in the best possible way.

Chalk paints can be mixed with Mixed Media Paste and used through stencils to give an embossed effect. This gives a coloured texture .

Chalk paints can be used on fabric or canvas to give the desired look using water or can be stencilled on to your fabric. One can play around with the consistency and give the project a varied look every time.

Chalk paints serve as an excellent base when you want to do image transfer. You can give give your project a distressed look along with the image that you transfer on the project. Here in the second picture I have used both the techniques on the project.

I also use chalk paints with gesso to give a base coat on my bottles when I need to give a lighter tone to the shade. This proves to be an excellent base coat on which I decoupage my tissues.

Hope this helps you and guides you through the various ways in which chalk paints can be used. It’s use is very versatile and easy. Please do have a look at the video tutorial for further assistance.

Happy crafting



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