Handmade Christmas Decor With Ready-To-Use MDF Bases

Hi everyone, it’s Serene from Sereneshandmade with some exciting new ideas for Christmas decor with MDF bases from Itsy Bitsy.

Checkout how I painted and decorated the bases and turned them into beautiful Christmas decor.

1.Christmas Tree Table Decor

This beautiful tree with words/sentiments in an unusual colour combination is a perfect way way to spruce up your home.


1.Take a MDF tree. Paint the base in alternate colours with Little Birdie chalk paints Snow, Rainy Day and Archival Multisurface paint Tangy Tomato. Paint the trunk of tree and the base in chalk paint Drift Wood.

2.Once dry, use Little Birdie stencils – Christmas Icons, Dream Achieve and clear stamps – Joy of Christmas and Alphabet Jumble to stamp on each tree section. For stamping, I have used Ranger black ink and for the stencils I have used chalk paint – Snow, and archival multi-surface paint Tangy Tomato. Once dry, seal the surface with Decor Varnish – matte.

3.Glue on a glitter star at the centre of the white star.

4.For the base, apply quick tack glue around the centre and glue handmade satin poinsettia and some red flowers.

6. Attach the tree trunk to the base and the beautiful and unique tree is ready.


2.Christmas star decor

This glittery star decor is alll shimmery and makes a beautiful addition to any home.


1.Paint the star and the base with Little Birdie chalk paint – Snow and the trunk with chalk paint – Sage Green.

2.Once dry, trace outline of the star on a sheet from the paper pack – Magic of Christmas. Apply a coat of decoupage glue, and paste the sheet on the star. Let it dry.

4.  Stick few silver star stickers and glitter snowflakes on the star.

5.Tie a golden shimmer ribbon on the stand. Apply Super quick tack glue on the base. Stick silver glitter Poinsettia, silver stars, and an ornamental birdhouse and let it dry. 

7.Insert the stand on the base and the beautiful star table decor is ready.


3. Glittery Christmas tree

This glittery Christmas tree, is a beautiful addition to your home and can be made easily too.

1.Take a triangle base and apply two coats of chalk paint Lime Mint.

2.Once dry, apply super tack glue as shown in the picture. Cut pieces of golden beaded chain and stick on the surface and let dry for 30 minutes. 

4.Once dry, stick different glittery Christmas embellishments here and there over the tree.

5.The beautiful tree is ready to use.

4.Oh sweet Reindeer decor

This reindeer table decor is a delightful project and is so easy to make.

1.Take the MDF reindeer. Place thereindeer and the base on a plastic sheet. Spray with two coats of off white spray paint. Let them dry for 48 hours.

2. Apply Super tack glue on the antlers and then sprinkle Little Birdie Fairy Dust – Pale Copper. Gently tap out the excess glitter and let it dry.

3.Once dry, tie a ribbon around the neck of the reindeer and add few jingle bells using quick tack glue.

4.Add a Christmas embellishment on the body of the Reindeer. Assemble the body and the stand. Apply few Christmas embellishments at the bottom and it’s ready.

Do post your creations and tag @itsybitsycraftstore and @sereneshandmade.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Materials required

 Mdf standing star

Mdf decorable Reindeer 

Mdf tree Christmas decorable

Mdf decorable triangle 

Christmas golden beaded chain

Christmas embellishment festive charm gold

Christmas embellishment mini glitter presents 

Christmas wreath embllishement

Magic of Christmas paperpack

Mini Glitter Snowflakes 

Embellishment glitter sticker silver stars

Clear stamp Christmas joy

Clear stamp Alphabet jumble

Stencil Christmas icons

Stencil Dream Achieve

Glitter poinsettia silver

Glitter poinsettia red

Holly and Poinsettia

Birdhouse tree decor

Christmas Decorative satin ribbon

Christmas shimmer ribbon gold

Glitter stars gold

Fairy dust pale copper

Christmas jingle bells

Satin ribbon set Earth tones

Spray paint ivory

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