Vintage Decoupage Box with a Touch of Mixed Media

Hello arty-crafty friends!

Daksha here! For today’s post I have decoupage watch box with a touch of mixed media. I did decoupage box after long time and I wanted something different, so here it is.

Step by step instructions

First I gave a coat of white gesso and then gave two coats of white chalk paint to the box all around. In between, I sanded with a sanding block to get a smooth finish.

I made these Thai clay flourishes in advance as they need 24 hours to dry. I have used Little Birdie Thai clay .

 Now using E6000 I have glued four metal legs to the base of the box.

 Then using gel medium I fixed the flourishes on left corner to the front of  the box.

Next, using 2 in 1 gesso paste and stencil gave a stenciled background to the left side top,  and the front half .

 Then using black gesso I coloured the stencil background including the flourishes.

 Here is the complete look  after applying the black gesso.

 Then with some blue and tinted metallic pearl paints, I dry brushed over it.

 Then added some Tawny Glint Tinted metallic paint while dry brushing to add a golden effect.

Here is the complete look.

 Initially I started the project with the tissue design placed in the middle but changed my mind later and decided to go with the other last tissue design as that will allow it to be used by both ‘He’ and ‘She’.


 After tearing the edges, I stuck the tissue on to base with Little Birdie Deco Magic – decoupage glue. I always try to smooth wrinkles with a plastic sheet. That way there are less chances for it to tear away.

 Next, I colored  the areas around the tissue with white and  a tinge of  yellow  chalk paint….. to get the shade of ivory.

 Then I did some shading and blending on the image on the tissue along with with the background with some shades of brown and green.

Did shading with blue in some of the corners. Did the remaining two sides and little bit on the front with the same colours.

 After that, I applied three coats of varnish… giving enough time to dry between each coat.

Here is the complete look..

But I wasn’t happy with  more of that blue on the texture… that was going well with my previous selected tissue design. So I dry brushed some Tawny Glint and gold again to match this tissue. Believe me adding gold gave such a pretty effect!

 Here is the final look..I coloured  the metal legs with the same colours which matched with that particular portion. Dry brushed with metallic paints.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have enjoyed the step by step tutorial. To see which products I have used  please check the list of supplies below and click on them.

Love and hugs




Here is my YouTube video of this vintage style decoupage watch box







  1. Amazing art piece… Liked it v much.. Can u guide about d mould which u used wid thai clay? N wat was d exact use of heavy gel medium?

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