Valentine’s Day Special

Hi Creatives,

Kasturi here your fellow artist. Valentine’s Day is here and I am sure all the love birds are searching for some cute but simple crafty ideas to gift their loved ones.

So, as always today we are going to create something simple but elegant for very special Valentine’s day. How can I miss watercolors here. Let’s make something colorful.

If you are a beginner in watercolors, I have mentioned all the exact materials you should have to start your watercolor journey. And believe me there are only 3 materials you need to purchase. You buy this from itsybitsy and straight away start painting watercolors.

Let’s Start!!

Take A5 size 300 gsm watercolor sketchpad and watercolor cake palette.

These are perfect to start with. The colors are super pigmented, fresh and there are lot of shades of a single color. So it’s like a party of colors in a single palette. Must have if you are a beginner or an advanced level artist.

Its a Valentine’s Day so I chose Pink color. Apply random strokes on the paper.


Very Important Tip – When the color is wet, put a bubble wrap on the paper.

We are trying to give some interesting effect here.

And after the color is dried just remove the bubble wrap sheet and you can see beautiful effect.

Now let’s create some cute watercolor elements. Draw some heart shapes and random leaves. Color them with your favorite color and cut them leaving some white space in the border.

It’s time to arrange everything and that’s my favorite part. Attach a two way tape for each element and stick to the paper.


You can write a message on back of it and put it in an envelope.

Thank you so much for reading the blog. It’s a very simple DIY with minimal material for valentines day. I hope you enjoyed it. Please give it a try and share pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

If you buy from  don’t forget to use unique code KASTURI5  for some extra discount after your purchase.

Have a look at what all materials I used in this project.


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