Share the Love – Letter Box – Guest Post by ArtsyCraftsyMom

Hey There! I am sharing a great family activity for one of my MOST favorite Months – February!  It is the season of Love. In our house, celebrating Love its not restricted to just Valentine’s Day but is a family affair for the whole year. Its an opportunity to appreciate those who love us and to spread the Joy & love to the people who care for us. It can extend to random strangers too. This activity is a great opportunity to teach your kids to be loving and caring towards others. 
You’ll first need Glitter papers in various colours. We love Pink & Red and used a Heart Punch to cut out Heart shapes. If you don’t have a punch you can use a scissor too. 
Assemble your little love notes – Icecream / craft sticks. Write small tasks that give ideas to share some joy in this world. Use a black marker (point tip) to write your messages at the back of the sticks. You can write any message you wish.. 
Turn the icecream sticks upside down. Using double sided tape Stick the heart cutouts on the top. You can embellish with more hearts or stickers. 
 We twisted red & pink Pipe cleaners around the stick. and our little notes were ready. 
We now needed a mail box to place our little heart shaped notes. I used a 12×12 cardstock in nice pastel colours and cut out a 4 inch strip from the paper. 
I then folded the larger piece into a mailbox shape and stapled it in place. 
 Use the 4 inch paper at the bottom and fold at the other end to close one open end. 
Voila! your little mailbox is ready to hold your messages inside.. Ask your child to pick up one note every week and share the love! 
If  this interests you, you can also hop on over to my Pinterest board that has a list of all my projects. What do you think of this craft? Love it ? Hate it? I would love to hear from you. 
Shruti Bhat is a Software Quality Analyst by profession who mostly exercises her left brain during the day at work and her right brain takes over at home. She loves crafting with her 7 year old daughter and blogs at She can be reached at @ArtsyCraftsyMom on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

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