Gifts for the Wedding Cake Box

Last week I posted a blog post on a Wedding Cake Gift Box which was the inspiration for our current challenge – Say it With Roses. The idea was that each tier of box would be a space to include a gift of some sort. As promised, here are the handmade crafty gifts I have made for the inside of the box. For all three I have stuck with the theme of roses, continued the same colour scheme of black, white and red and made it as romantic as possible. 
The first gift, which is for the base tier of the cake, is a mini album measuring 5.5″ by 5.5″ (the base tier is 6″6″). Containing 7 double sided pages, it is intended to be a space for a couple to preserve their most treasured memories. For the cover I added red rose die cuts which were black on the wedding cake box. I topped it with a 5.5″ doily and added a die cut from the Tim Holtz Hanging Sign die. The title ‘US’ was put together using chipboard embellishments from the DCWV Immortal Love Chipboard Embellishments Pack. It’s really awesome because it is packed with thematic embellishments, perfect for just this kind of project. I rimmed the edge of the title with black pearls and the edge of the album with white before adding some bows and roses at the sides right where the holes were punched.

Here’s a collage of some of the pages of the album. I used a lot of items from the same Immortal Love Chipboard Embellishment stack – like the hearts, the tags, the letters and the text. I also added paper from the Immortal Love stack which totally complied with my colour scheme.

Here’s a look at the album inside the base tier of the cake. It fits in perfectly and I love how it is perfectly complemented by the colours and design of wedding cake box. 
For the next tier which is 4″ by 4″ I decided to make a little photo frame packed with roses much like the wedding cake box itself. Only this time I made the roses black just to mix things up a bit. The frame is all made with chipboard and the roses with punch paper. To know how I made the roses, do watch this tutorial.
Here’s a look at the frame sitting inside the 2nd tier of the cake box. Once again a really perfect fit and matching the rest of the gift set nicely!

For the top tier of the cake, I really was at a loss. It was just 2″ by 2″ and what could I possible make for something that small. Fortunately ItsyBitsy is PACKED with fabulous options and I found a Blue Moon locket pendant that was just perfect for this tier. It was a lovely dark grey gun metal colour which seemed to compliment my dramatic theme. To show it off properly, I added a red die cut from the Cuttlebug Vintage die. The locket is even more romantic because it opens and contains a space to add two photographs.

How do you like my Wedding Cake Gift Set! Would love to hear your thoughts and views!!

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