Sculpture Painting

Hi friends, Srigowri Rajesh is on the blog today to share the unique wall decor idea using Little birdie sculpture paste. The smooth and foamy paste is addictive to play with. I have created a rusty, antique look of the decor by using chalk paints and sculpture paste.

Step 1

Take a MDF base and paint it with little birdie chalk paints. I chose charcoal and salsa red.

Step 2

Mix little birdie sculpture pastes snow spread and rosewood colors to achieve the required shade. Since my project needs the particular shade I mixed those colors.

Step 3

Start applying the petals on the board. Mine is a rose. So according to the flowers scoop the paste and arrange it.

Step 4

Build the flower by arranging the petals in a round shape.

Step 5

Finish arranging the main flower.

Step 6

Make the bud.

Step 7

Now leaves. Make it according to the arrangement.

Step 8

Make the sepals by mixing the sculpture paste seaweed with the existing petal shade. Since its a monochrome color palette I decided not to use a direct green color for the sepals.

Step 9

For the corners, I used a little birdie silicon mold. Paint the clay ornament with chalk paint charcoal and high light with salsa red.

Step 10


Thank you so much for stopping by.

Materials used:

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 120ml – Snow

Little Birdie Home Decor Chalk Paint 120ml – Salsa Red

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 400 gm – Rosewood

Little Birdie Sculpture Paste 400gm- Snow Spread

Silicone Mould, 4x4x0.5in – Damask Accent








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