Decorative Wall Plaque – Crocus Bouquet

Hello my arty crafty friends. DT member Vidhu Thareja is back on the blog with a new inspirational project.

We all love to decorate our homes and handmade decorative articles   expresses our taste and makes our homes more beautiful. So, this time I thought of designing a decorative wall plaque which can be used as a key holder also. Without wasting any more time, let’s start the project. I have a picture tutorial for you all, so sit back and enjoy this easy tutorial….

Itsy Bitsy has a wide range of MDF decorables of excellent quality for all our crafty needs. These bases are available in different shapes and sizes. What I like the most is, the smoothness of the surface and 12mm thickness.

For this project I used a rectangular MDF plaque  from the new collection measuring 14*6 inches with carved edges.  As the base was very smooth so I did not feel any need to sand the surface.

I started with priming the surface using Little Birdie Acrylic White Gesso. I applied 2 coats of it, leaving enough drying time between each coat.

I was planning to do decoupage on the plaque. I wanted to add some interest so first I have done some colour blending using Little Birdie Chalk Paints ‘ Lavender Mist’ and ‘ Kiwi Mojito’ using a sponge.

I left it to dry and then applied Little Birdie 1 Step Crackle Medium using the dabbing  method. The outcome of the crackle medium depends on the thickness of the medium applied. It is very important to let the crackle medium dry naturally. Drying time depends on the weather and room temperature.

When the crackle medium is dry, it is  turn to apply the contrasting color. I apply Little Birdie Chalk Paint ‘Wisteria Mist’ with a brush. Always remember to keep the direction of the brush same while applying colors and crackle medium. As soon as the chalk paint start drying, beautiful cracks start showing up.

On one corner of the plaque I decided to do decoupage. For that I used a beautiful decoupage napkin ‘Crocus Bouquet’ from the collection of decoupage napkins, available at Itsy Bitsy. Before applying Wisteria Mist Chalk Paint I have marked the portion, where I wanted to do decoupage. On that portion I have applied ‘Snow’ Chalk Paint. I remove the image using wet brush technique and remove the printed layer from the rest of the other two plain layers from the napkin.

I adhere the image using Little Birdie Deco Magic Glue- Matte.

I wanted to create some texture on the edges. For that I mixed Little Birdie Texture Sand in Little Birdie 2in1 Mixed Media Paste and applied it on the edges with the help of palette knife and let it dry.

Now on the edges I applied Little Birdie Chalk Paint ‘ Kiwi Mojito’ and then to highlight the texture rubbed Little Birdie Metallic Wax ‘Glimmer Moss’.

To add some more interest, I did stenciling on 2 sides using ‘Snow’ Chalk Paint and did some random script stenciling using Black Archival Ink.

After some time, I sealed the adhered image with Little Birdie Deco Magic Glue- Glossy and left it to dry and then after a few hours sealed the whole surface with 2 coats of Little Birdie Decor Varnish- Gloss, leaving enough drying time between each coat.

I decided to highlight the flowers. I created Volume Decoupage Flowers. In this technique we fussy petals of flowers and paste them on sospeso transparent sheet using decoupage glue and then cut the petals again and emboss them. When all the petals are ready, I paste them using Little Birdie Silicon Glue. I have added 2 pollens in each flower. I love the 3D look of the flowers.

The right side of the plaque was looking empty, so I thought of adding some quotation there. I had a MDF coaster so first I primed it with white gesso and then applied Little Birdie Chalk Paint ‘ Lavender Blush’. I had 4*4″ stencil which says ‘Live Life in Full Bloom’. I found it just perfect for my project. I placed the stencil on the MDF piece and then applied Little Birdie Crackle Paste with the help of a palette knife through the stencil. I left it to dry and then sealed it with Little Birdie Decor Varnish. I then fixed the stenciled piece using silicon glue.

A beautiful  plaque is ready to add beauty to your home. This makes a perfect gift also for house warming’.Use it as wall plaque or attach hooks to use it as a key holder. 

I hope you like my project and it will inspire you to create something beautiful for home. Do not forget to share your creation with us. It is always a pleasure to see new ideas which inspire other crafters.

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Till Next Happy Crafting and Stay Safe!

Vidhu Thareja

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