Revealing the New Team of Itsy Bitsy Brand Ambassadors August 2021 – February 2022

For the last 6 months, we have enjoyed beautiful, unique, and inspirational projects brought to us by our talented Design Team members but now it’s time to say goodbye.

Thanks to all our talented Facebook DT members Swarna Raman, Divya Balasubramanian, Kriti Mishra, Vidhu Thareja, Nandhini Vasandan, Nivisha Jain, Virti Pankaj Mehta, Sri Gowri Rajesh, and Kasturi Mairal. We really appreciate your amazing creations and the way you enthused us week after week. We will truly miss you!

We thank all our  Instagram Design Team members, Seeni Balaji, Saniya Athiq, Neha Singh, Paridhi, Kavitha Anand, RaJ Mehta, Masoom Sanghi, Shabna Shafi, Mounika Mylarapu and Khushali. We really appreciate your amazing creations and the way you enthused us week after week. We will truly miss you!

We thank all our  YouTube Design Team members, Jyotirmoy Barman, Kripa Koushik, Fathima Thabsheera Tashra,  Mazna Hashim, Devshri, Alisha Grover, Oviya, Aadhira and Cassandra Rodrigues. We really appreciate your amazing creations and the way you enthused us week after week. We will truly miss you!

We are happy to announce that Jyotirmoy Barman and Neha Singh will be continuing with us for this term.

The new super talented & creative dream team is brimming with enthusiastic professionals who have varied interests & talents with one commonality and that’s….CRAFTING! Every week they will bring you wonderful, out of the box creations with different techniques and tutorials to inspire you in the best possible way in our Blog, Instagram and YouTube.


Hello everyone I am Priyanka Nag. I hail from a small town where pursuing a craft career was difficult. My craft journey was not an easy one but now I specialize in wall hangings. I am a post graduate in finance and worked with a corporate company after graduation. I started my journey in the creative field to heal myself from some severe aliment I faced earlier in my life, but it became my passion. Now I take orders and make various wall hangings and macramé projects for my clients.

I am excited to be on this team and am waiting to share my creations with you in the coming months.


Hello everyone, I am Tapasya Kanojia a native of Rajasthan but have been residing in Bangalore for the last seventeen years. Though I work in a bank but I am extremely interested in art, and craft from my childhood. Over the years, I have explored various forms of art. My favourite are decoupage, multi-media art, cay art, home decor pieces, stencil art, paintings, paper crafts, resin art etc. I love blending in various techniques in all my creations.

It’s exciting to be a part of this creative team and share my creations with you all.

Hi all, I am Vats Khanna. I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts. My art journey started in February 2020, when I first tried pouring art. Initially I was really drawn towards pouring art, but with time I started trying other mediums as well. I started working with resin and alcohol inks. My current favorite is resin. I enjoy working with resin because it’s simple to use and one can make absolutely beautiful creations with it.

I am happy to join this team and am excited about sharing my unique ideas with you.

Hi, I am Nawal Habeeb. I was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, and have always had a keen interest towards Arabic calligraphy. I started my art journey as an Arabic calligrapher, and later began to explore different forms of art. Resin art always fascinated me and I thought I’d give it a try. This form of art has been very satisfying and addictive, I’ve been into it for two years trying out every new and unique ideas. There’s still so much more to explore! I try fusion of different art forms, which makes my art even more special and fun to create. Besides resin art, I practice brush lettering, copperplate calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy, canvas painting, alcohol ink art, decoupage and candle making!

I am so looking forward to share my ideas and creations with you all.



Hello creative friends, I am Chaitrali Viraj Thorat. Right from my school days I developed interest in various art forms like paper crafts, and painting. My mother is my inspiration for my craft journey as she is amazing at creating DIY home decor artifacts. I was always keen on learning different art forms. During my collage days I came across some truly innovative paper quilling projects that really inspired me. From then onwards I am so much into the creation of unique paper quilling projects. My philosophy is to implement unique ideas into reality. I have have created paper quilling clocks, greeting cards, jewellery, flowers, 3D miniatures etc. I want to continue and grow in this art journey of mine.
Itsy bitsy has always been the pioneer in providing platform and honing the skills of artists like me whether by providing great quality products or by conducting really helpful workshops. I am thankful and looking forward to help my fellow artists with my skill sets.

My name is Kripa. I am a software engineer turned resin artist. I found resin by accident while scouring the shelves of Itsy Bitsy. After I made my first successful piece with resin, there was no looking back. I love experimenting with different techniques in resin and am always looking forward to make something that stands out from the rest. I am excited to be a part of the design team and am looking forward to share my creations with all of you.


Hello everyone, I am Anusuri Bala Priyanka and am a full time software engineer. Art & craft has always been my passion since childhood. During these unprecedented times, I have utilized most of the time in improving my painting skills where I have taken 100 days challenge which made me consistent, exploring different mediums, working on detailed work & also collaborating with amazing artists. Painting has not only helped me improve my skills but also helped me relieve stress. I am truly happy with what I am doing. Today I am so happy to be part of India’s largest No.1 brand Itsy Bitsy and join them a brand ambassador.

Hello everyone, I am Muskan Agarwal. I started my crafting journey with the aim of spreading smiles through my artwork and I’m grateful for all the love I’ve received from my audience so far. I want to keep exploring my creative self and I’m thankful to Itsy Bitsy for being the medium

Hi there, my name is Ashwini, a self-taught artist based out of Mumbai. I hold a degree in MBA Marketing. Since childhood, I was inclined towards art and I love experimenting with watercolours.
I started my art page in November 2019 to get some “Me time” and now loving it by all means. I get my inspiration from nature as I believe sometimes you can’t visit your favourite places but can depict them on paper with your imagination. I believe that life is uncertain and art helps you to deal with it. I am looking forward to explore more of the artist that resides within. I am happy to be here and to be able to share my ideas with you.

I am Shweta Singh. Art is my passion, I try to create something new every day. I have been taking art classes and workshops in Noida for the past 5 years. I am self-made artist. I teach different types of art forms.

I am happy to be a part of this lovely team.

Hello everyone, I am Neeru from Jodhpur. I am an abstract artist and a home maker. My journey as an artist started in 2018. I was more into canvas and paints since my childhood but it was just a summer activity for me. Later, I started exhibiting my artwork and now I am an art educator conducting hottest new art trends in paint pouring acrylic fluid art, alcohol ink art, resin workshops and regular interactive art classes. I am happy to join this creative group and looking forward to sharing my ideas with you.
I think my journey as an artist has just begun and I still have to go along way.

Hello, I am Sunita based in Surat. I started my Resin art journey in about four years back. I conduct online and offline workshops and have done several exhibitions and live workshop in all over India. I work with several architects and interior designers for customized resin work.

Hi, I am Vandana. I am a mixed media artist and commission artworks in my studio. I am also an avid paper crafter and am blessed to work under some fantastic arts and crafts brands. As a Brand ambassador for Itsy Bitsy, I would like to bring new creative ideas and share techniques that can give a different perspective to all the artists in their art journey. It is my belief that art and music are the only tools that bring us closer as individuals. It will be a huge learning curve and also an exciting experience for me to be a part of this fantastic brand that has crossed huge milestones in creating a name in this Industry.


Hello, Kunali here! My love for paper started when I was really young. I loved paper flowers & paper boats, but it wasn’t until I discovered quilling that I actually started exploring my art. It’s been over 11 years since I’ve taken up quilling & crafts like paper mache & paper cutting. I’ve also started working with clay which I think is a beautiful medium to express oneself. I love learning new things and coming up with ideas on how to reuse old material to make funky new designs and pieces to decorate a house.
Since I am a self taught artist, I have developed my own style and tips and tricks to make these crafts. I am eagerly waiting to share my unique techniques with you.

I am Dakshika Agarwal from Pilani, Rajasthan. My specialties are wood craft and home décor. Other than that, I also do stains work, macrame, watercolour calligraphy, and posters. I started my craft journey two years back without and any clarity about what I was going to do. I dropped my CA course started working as a full time artist to be here today. Beginning with paper crafts, I gradually tried out different art forms and now I mainly work on wood.

I am Navita Sharma, a fluid artist specializing in many acrylic pouring techniques. I was an advertising and brand communications professional and it was only after I quit my corporate job that I began to incline towards art. I took up painting on my own, then decoupage art and mixed media. All these experiences helped me take up fluid art even though it’s a long creative work in progress. The results are always unique and unpredictable, and can never be re-produced. It’s this path that makes it so compelling; and challenges me to strive and create something I’ve never done before. I love to create art and share this joy with others. Happy to be here and excited too!

Hello, I am Ishwarya, a self-taught artist. I do calligraphy, mandala art, watercolor, gouache and acrylics. As a child I always loved to do crafts and drawing. While I was in my school, I started sketching and slowly got my hands into painting. I started painting as a hobby but now it has became my passion. Every day evening I go to the terrace to witness the beauty of the sunset, and that’s the reason why I love painting sunsets. Nature is my biggest inspiration. I admire painting silhouettes in colourful backgrounds. I love exploring different mediums.

Hi! I am Eity Maheshwari. I was always passionate about art and it was a very relaxing activity for me but unfortunately I never considered it more than just a hobby. During the lockdown, I started creating more every day. One day, I came across some DIY home decor items and I thought of creating them myself. That’s how it all started! Initially I made key chains and fridge magnets. The joy of creating something for someone was overwhelming. I added wall hangings, key holders, name plates and other home decor items to my creative list. I am proud of my journey so far and there think there’s still a long way to go. I am learning and growing everyday and want to share my skills with you.

Hello, I am Minna Kareem from Kerala. I was into art and crafts since my childhood. I make scrapbook layouts, hampers, explosion boxes, infinity boxes, resin art, dream catchers and more. I conduct workshops and have been in the design team of several craft companies. I am happy to be a part of this amazing team and am looking forward to share my ideas with you.



Hello everyone, I am Neha Singh, an architect, product designer and a crafter. My educational background was already about creativity which supported me a lot in my craft journey. Decoupage is my area of expertise. I just love how versatile this craft form is and what potential it has. I have done several exhibitions. I have also conducted craft workshops. I am a very curious person when it comes to art and crafts, therefore I want to learn more and more so that I can further share my learning and experiences.

Hi, I am Deeksha. I am an artist who loves to try out different things to feed my hunger for creativity ! I have always wanted to create a little corner to explore my creativity without limits. As a kid I’ve always grown up showing interests in art and craft, making school projects and that interest turned into passion. I’m a paper crafter, and for me going out of the box, making something very different and unique is the prime motive. I work with both modern and vintage style, playing with colours and aesthetics is my favourite thing to do.


I am Vrushali, a software developer by profession and an artist at heart. From childhood, I was very good in various forms of art, painting, and different kinds of crafts. The lockdown made me reconnect with my hobbies again which I left due to education & career. For me, art is like therapy. Whenever I paint, it gives me peace and  positivity. I love painting landscapes, floral themes, seascapes. Nature is my biggest inspiration. I have explored different mediums starting from oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, watercolor inks. I believe, every medium has its own beauty. According to me, we must find time for ourselves and our hobbies and don’t let them fade away, because that’s what keeps us alive. I am so excited to be part of this team and can’t wait to share my creative ideas with you all.

Hello, I am Sushree, an architect and an artist by passion. I’m from Rourkela, Odisha. I always had an interest in painting but had to leave it due to my studies. After completing my studies, life became a bit chaotic where art became my escape from the reality. It was then, when I got more consistent towards painting and started exploring different mediums. I mostly paint nature as it inspires me a lot but I keep on experimenting with different art styles. It’s my pleasure to be a part of this creative group and share my ideal with you.

Hello, I am Daisy Rhea Dharwadkar. I specialize in resin art and love to explore this medium. Making handmade and customized jewelry jewellery is my forte. I try to make each and every piece as perfectly as possible. I have been working with resin for almost two years now. The variety of art that can be made with resin fascinated me and I chose to work with this amazing medium. It has been a fun journey working with resin. I am looking forward to share my creations with you.

Hello everyone, I started working with mandalas initially and found them extremely therapeutic. I was introduced to the concept of making functional products using art later last year and haven’t been able to stop since then. I conduct workshops, paint parties, PAN India. I am glad to join this team and am excited to showcase my work.


I am Aswathi Sreekanth an engineer from Kerala currently working as a robotic engineer. Since my childhood, I loved making things and gifting them to my near and dear ones. During my engineering days, I started experimenting with new crafts and people started appreciating them which encouraged me to explore more. My friends and family have been my greatest support in my craft journey.

Hello everyone, I am Pallavi from Pune. My love for painting started right from childhood. I always gave more importance to painting than other subject. I was always mesmerized by the art around me. After my graduation I started exploring more of my creative side and started my art journey through social media. I tried my hands on different media like acrylic, gouache, watercolour, charcoal. In my beautiful art journey I have learnt different types of art like dot mandala, portrait, abstract, sketching, watercolor painting. Art is my driving factor and gives me positive energy and motivation. I am excited to be here and waiting to share my creative ideas with you.

Hello everyone! I am Jyotirmoy Barman, an artist from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. I have been working on mixed media art, clay modelling, crafting for many years. I am very passionate about learning new things and creating something unique. My other interests include painting, making handmade flower, decoupage etc. I am very proud and happy to become a design team member of Itsy Bitsy. Looking forward to share many of my creations with you in the coming months.

Hello, I am Kavya Vishnu. I was a web who also completed an MBA degree. My craft journey began when I realized my proficiency in craft. I started my own venture which caters for handmade gifts. This journey has proved that everything can be achieved and we should stop at nothing to conquer our dreams. I make scrapbook layouts, explosion boxes, a large variety of cards, party and home decor. Happy to be here and waiting to share my creations!

Hello everyone, I am Priyansi. I always had a love for art. I found the concept of detailing really interesting. I continued to grow within the realms of sketch and portraits. Fluid art and resin crafts came natural to me, as I already indulged in art and sketching so much. Now, I conduct workshops resin crafts and fluid artwork. I have also successfully started my own little business.


Hi! I am a versatile artist and I love to work in different art forms. I am a freelance art tutor and conduct regular drawing and painting, and craft classes for children. I also organize hobby workshops for adults as well as children. In my very childhood I got exposure to a variety of arts like painting, embroidery, macrame, crochet, knitting, mehandi designing etc. from my mother. Having the fundamental knowledge of art, it became a passion for me and I learnt in depth about visual arts and handicrafts during my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Arts.
My latest love is candle making and I also organize workshops for the same. My passion and curiosity to make more unique and hand carved candles led me to set up a small home business of candles.

Hi, I am Mohini, and my craft journey started when I was decorating my new home during the lockdown. It all started with making small budget DIYs for my garden and I got so much appreciation that it encouraged me to explore more. While making the DIYs and found out I have a special love for colours. My specialty is using everyday household items to make creative DIYs.

Hello! I am Anuja. I work with alcohol inks, resin, and acrylic pours. I am a self taught artist as they say ‘Every artist was first an amateur’.
I let my imagination do the work. I like to use colours in my art inspired by nature and human emotions.
I have been working in this field from last 2 years and have had an amazing experience in terms of learning and getting inspired to try different techniques!

Hello, I am a modern macrame artist based out of Ahmadabad, India. I never knew this passion I had, would turn into a full time gig. Handcrafted in our home studio, we use a variety of materials and techniques to create unique statement pieces full of colour and texture. I learned macrame when I was 14, but did not pick it up as an art form until 2020. My process involves working from muscle memory in an almost meditative state. Using only my two hands as tools, I dwell in the intimacy of fibers on skin.

Hello, I am Krishna, a freelance designer, and a self taught paper crafter. I have always enjoyed craft activities and making gifts for my friends. I left my engineering course and turned into a fulltime crafter four years back. I make scrapbooks, cards and various paper based gift articles. Apart from that I do make paper stop motions and shadow boxes with printouts. Mostly, I make scrapbooks and light boxes for themed interiors. Sometimes for fun, I create quirky wall decor elements.
I am happy to be here and am waiting eagerly to share my creative ideas with you.

Hello I am Dr. Reshma, a dentist and an artist.
Art being love of my life, I started exploring resin almost six years ago. Having graduated from a dental school I was pretty much aware about resin as a medium, thus started exploring the same. I enjoy making attractive aerial beaches, geodes, and abstracts.
My abstract yet playful taste in my artworks make them stand out. Waiting to share my creativity with you all.







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