Pretty Women – Mixed Media Decor Featuring Little Birdie Sculpture Paste

  1. Hi Creative friends,

This is Chitrali here on Itsy Bitsy’s blog today.  It’s been a great pleasure to be associated with the esteemed organization. Thanks Itsy Bitsy for giving me this opportunity to share one of my projects with crafter friends and group members. I am sharing  a pictorial of the project “Pretty Women with a blooming Face”

Below are the steps towards my project :

1) I have taken a Heart Shaped MDF Wooden Decorable panel as the base.

2) Applied White Gesso on the base with the help of sponge dauber.  Made a contrast color effect with Little Birdie Lavender Blush Chalk Paint

3) Next, I did stenciling ( Little Birdie has a wide range of designs, you can choose as per your requirements). I have taken 4*4 new lanched  DUAL MANDALA STENCIL and stencilled with SLATE MODELING PASTE.New lanched stencils r  created a very   neat image  on surface.can able to dramaticaly  change any project.


4)Now I drew a face and used Acrylic Colors to paint it.

5) Next, I started working with Sculpture Paste. The process is to, pick the paste flat edge of the palette knife, press the palette knife from the tip to the bottom, pull down to remove the paste from the knife. In this way make a leaf shape. For making the leaf, I have taken Little Birdie Seaweed Green Sculpture Paste .

6) Here I made 4 flowers, for that I have chosen three shades of Little Birdie Sculpture Paste.



Take little amount of sculpture paste with the help of Palette Knife and spread it on an Acrylic Stamping Block surface ( available at Itsy Bitsy stores and online) and mix it very well with the help of the knife. When you feel it is smooth, then start working with it.

Make a little petal with the help of a knife and place it on the base. I have made nine petals for the rose in the centre. Add some volume to the center of the flowers. Lift and curve edges of the petals, so that they look like natural flowers.
Repeat this process to make other flowers.

7) Now flowers are completed, I wanted to add some pollen here and there. For that I took Snow-white sculpture paste in my palm and applied some pressure on the paste and shaped it like a drop. Then I placed it on the surface with the help of a soft brush. .

8) At the end, I did, I took transparent decor Varnish on a brush and brushed it all over my project to secure my work from the weather.


Final Outcome of the Project :

List of material used in the above project :
1) Heart Shape MDF Wooden Decorable
2) White Gesso
3) Little Birdie Lavender Bluish Chalk Paint
6) Acrylic Colors
7) Seaweed Green Sculpture Paste
9) Acrylic Stamping Block
10) Snow-white sculpture paste
11) Transparent decor Varnish
12) palette knife

Hope you like my project and also you will try your hands on it. Please share your valuable comments.

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Thank you for being here.

With lots of Love


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