Wall Decor Plaque with Faux Wood Effect

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I hope all of you are having a great crafty time. DT Vidhu Thareja here today with my first blog post for Itsy Bitsy.  This month’s Blog Challenge theme product is 4*4′ stencils. Itsy Bitsy has recently launched some beautiful designs of stencils. These stencils are very pocket friendly and are very easy to store. You can choose stencil for your personalized as well as home decor projects. The possibilities are endless.

Home decor projects are my favourite, so I have designed a wall decor plaque using a cute stencil and some beautiful craft supplies from the store.  For the background I have used Faux Platte  Wood Effect technique.

Let’s get started with a step wise tutorial. For this creation, I have used a MDF plaque, measuring 12*8″. I like the quality and the finish of the plaque. There is no need to sand the surface.In this technique we do not need to prime the base, as we do in our decoupage or mixed media project. Instead of priming the base, I have created a texture using Little Birdie Mixed  Media Paste, which can be used as gesso also and can be used for stenciling to give an embossed effect. I have applied it randomly with a palette knife and let it dry.

In Faux Palette Wood technique, we built layers of colors and for this purpose we need to use chalk paint only. We do dry brushing with chalk paint.  We start with lighter colors and proceed to the darker shades.  So, follow every step carefully to know more about this.

Since I have not primed the surface, so first I have done dry brushing with Little Birdie White Gesso. Use a brush with dry and rough bristles and load very little gesso in the brush and dab the extra gesso on a craft sheet.Then cover the surface using strokes to get a uniform look. I love the consistency of the gesso. There is no need to add water in this. It comes in a convenient pack and gives excellent coverage in a single coat.

Now it is time to use chalk paint. Here I want to mention that here we don’t need to wait for the gesso or chalk pint to dry,  because we will do dry brushing and chalk paint dries very quickly. Little Birdie Chalk Paints are my favourite. First  I have done dry brushing with the shade – Fortune Cookie. As soon as you start dry brushing, you will get to see beautiful texture beneath the color. As I have mentioned earlier, load the brush with very little chalk paint and dab the extra colour on a craft sheet. This is a very important step to get the desired outcome.

  Then, I have done dry brushing with Wild Wasabi chalk paint. You can select chalk paint shades of your choice.

Now I need to go for a darker shade of chalk paint so I have used Sangria.  To give a vintage look to our project, we will use brown and black  chalk paints so here it is important to remember that we use only one dark color like I have used Sangria Chalk Paint, which is a brighter shade. As we proceed with dark colors, we use very less quantity of chalk paint

Now it is time to give a vintage look to my project. So I have used Chocolate Truffle and Charcoal chalk paint. Black really darkens the project so be careful at this step. 

 To give an impression of a wooden palette, I have created planks with Charcoal chalk paint.  Use round brush of size zero to make lines. You can use scale, although we don’t need precise lines.  With the same brush I have created circles to give impression of faux nails. That gives a weathered look to project. I have done some stenciling with Snow Chalk Paint using 4*7″ Doily Duo Stencil. Always use stencil brush for the crisp impression of stenciling.

Since this is going to be used as wall decor, so I decided to do some stenciling using newly launched 4*4′ stencil which says ‘Home sweet home.’  This stencil is very cute and perfect for any project. Itsy Bitsy has recently launched many stencil designs with different quotes. Do check the website itsybitsy.in for the complete range of stencils. I wanted to give a little dimension to my stenciling, so I have added Sangria Chalk Paint in Mixed Media Paste and applied through the stencil with a palette knife Varnish plays an important role to make our projects long lasting.  When the stenciling part  dried well, I applied Little Birdie Decor Varnish with a synthetic brush. This product is suitable of any craft project. On  home decor projects you can apply multiple coats of decor varnish.

My project is looking little incomplete at this stage, so I decided to add some beautiful handmade flowers from my stash. Luckily I had a cute terracotta pot in my stash, which I bought from the store. First I thought of doing decoupage on it but later decided to give it an antique look. For that, I have applied Little Birdie White gesso and then covered it with bits and pieces of tissue using Deco Magic Glue to create some texture and allowed it to dry. When it dried, I  painted  it with Charcoal Chalk Paint and embellished it with handmade clay moulded shape. I have pasted the mould with silicon glue. Gel medium can be used for this purpose. When everything dried, I rubbed some Metallic Wax– Antique Gold with my finger to enhance the texture and the moulded shape.

I have some beautiful Little Birdie Flowers in my stash so I decided to add those flowers in this cute antique pot. I am in love with these flowers. 

Wide range of handmade flowers are available at Itsy Bitsy. So don’t forget to check this beautiful collection. You will love them. 

Here’s a beautiful wall decor that’s ready to adorn my living room. I enjoyed making this project. I hope you liked my creation using awesome craft supplies from the store.  So grab your supplies and make something beautiful for your home and for your loved ones.  Looking forward to your lovely creations! Create and play the Blog Challenge with us.

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Happy crafting!!

Vidhu Thareja


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