Polymer Clay Sweets for the New Year – Happy Ugadi

Hi all, Nithiya here with a sweet post for a sweet occasion.

May this New Year bring Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Happiness to you and your family. Wish you all a very Happy Ugadi.

Today I will walk you step by step on how I made some traditional Ugadi sweets with Mont Marte Make and bake polymer clay.
#1 – For making rava/sooji laddu I took half-white clay (white mixed with yellow) and made five small balls by rolling them between my finger and palm. I added details with Mont Marte clay tool set and made tiny raisins.
#2 – For making Ariselu/Adhirasam I mixed black, red and yellow clay and made four small balls. I flattened the balls by pressing them with my thumb and added details with clay tool.
#3 – For making coconut puran poli, I mixed white and yellow clay, made three balls, flattened them and added details with clay tool. I used soft pastels and diluted acrylic paint to colour them.
#4 – For making medhu vada I mixed red with yellow clay and made four balls. I used ball stylus tool and brush tool to make vada as shown in the picture. I added some green and black clay for leaves and pepper. I coloured it with soft pastels.
#5 – For making butter murukku I made very thin clay threads, bent each thread in half and twisted it in one direction. I then swirled it gently to murukku shape.
#6 – For making poornam boorelu/suyam urundai, I made five small, one pointed protruding balls and coloured them with soft pastels and diluted acrylic paint.
#7 – I arranged them on a ceramic plate and cured them at 120 degree in an oven for about 30 minutes.
#8 – I used decor varnish and finished them. Few pictures of the finished sweets.
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Let us all hope that this New Beginning will put an End to the Pandemic.
See you all with another project!

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