Wall Decor Buddha


Hello creative people, this is DT Jyotirmoy here.

Today I am here to inspire you with my 2nd blog post for the ongoing Blog Challenge “Shine Your Creativity With Stencils” . So my post is about  a beautiful wall decor item named Peace.

So let’s start…

Step 1: First of all I have taken a 12*12 inch wooden decorable, four pieces of wooden strips (width-1.5inch) and two 4*4 inch coasters.

Step 2: Then I pasted the two coasters on the wooden decorable using Little Birdie heavy gel medium and wooden strips are arranged like the above picture.

Step 3: After that I gave a different texture with Little Birdie Mixed media paste 2 in 1 using stencils (Tree, Floral swirl and Paisley mandala).

Step 4: Next I drew a sketch of Buddha on a paper and using Little Birdie ‘Shape It’, craft epoxy compound, I made a Buddha. I used different clay tools.

Step 5: When the clay Buddha became hard, I adhered it with heavy gel medium on the base which I made with two coasters. Then I made  some leaf designs.

Step 6: Then I applied Little Birdie black gesso as a primer.

Step 6: Then I highlighted the Buddha, other designs using Little Birdie chalk paint. Here I mixed Little Birdie Buttermilk and Charcoal Black and used sponge dabbing technique to highlight. I also applied Little Birdie Crackle paste to bring a rough texture on Buddha. Besides I used Teal TangoSalsa RedOrange Splash  and Metallic wax Antique Gold and Kiwi Mojito to highlight different parts of my art piece.

Step 7:  Next I applied Little Birdie Embossing texture paste Avocado Smoothie on some of the Budha sculpture to give a messy effect.

Then I have used handmade flowers, thin die cuts and chipboard shapes to decorate it  and thus I get  this  beautiful wall decor.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy crafting.

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Supplies used:



  1. Wooden decorable12*12
  2. MDF coaster 4*4inch
  3. Stencil floral swril
  4. Stencil Paisley Mandala – 4×4 Inch
  5. Stencil tree
  6. Acrylic Gesso-Black
  7. Handmade flowers
  8. Embossing texture paste
  9. Mixed Media paste 2 in1
  10. Acrylic heavy gel medium
  11. Chalk paint
  12. Primed chip board leaf flourish
  13. Thin cut die time keeper
  14. Thin cut die cogs and wheels
  15. Metallic wax Antique gold
  16. Clay tools
  17. Little Birdie Shape it
  18. Little Birdie crackle paste

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