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At ItsyBitsy we are keen to present new ideas and perspectives on craft which is why we will frequently be inviting guest crafters to add their creations to our blog. I am very pleased to say that Dr. Sonia of Cards and School Projects has returned for another fabulous GD post. This time it’s all about recycling and making something new and beautiful from something old. At the same time I asked Sonia to include pattern papers in her creation since that’s the theme of the month here at ItsyBitsy. I never fail to marvel at her creativity and I’m sure you will too. Over to Doc! 
Shadow Box
Dear friends Dr Sonia here once again from Cards ,Crafts and School projects.Thank you so much Sunehra & team Itsy Bitsy for inviting me again to Guest post.

Dear readers first of all let me share a secret..I don’t craft much with pattern paper ..not that I dont like pretty paper ..I just cant bring myself to use it !!
[I was actually sorely tempted to tell Sunehra I couldn’t GD for this theme!]
To feel better about cutting up pretty paper, I recycled a cardboard box into a shadowbox using mostly a single 12 x 12 sheet of pattern paper

Recycling craft

I cut and glued the flaps of the box to make the compartment of my shadow box

Recycling craft

I used the gorgeous pearlised paper to line the compartments of the box.[I buy this from Itsy Bitsy in huge chart paper size rolls as they are so versatile..they come in handy for punchcraft,school projects,card making and recycling!]
I die cut , punched  ,cut borders out of  and made punch-craft flowers all from one single pattern paper[ me stingy!!]

Shadow Box

I have used the Victorian square and Itsy Bitsy Venetian die to cut the patten paper
All the the flowers in this project were made using pattern paper ,punches and some gorgeous Itsy Bitsy pearls

Punch craft flowers

On the Itsy Bitsy Venetian die cut banner, added some quilling , punchcraft flowers  and used some gorgeous Itsy Bitsy epoxy stones on the sides.

Quilled Flowers
Here is the side view of the shadow box with flowery borders and a beautiful cheerful pattern paper.I used the versatile glitter strips to line and highlight each compartment
Shadow Box

The lacy hearts were made using an MS punch..You can make a similar design using Itsy Bitsy’s own new 2 in 1 Lacy Heart punch

Shadow Box

Here is a closeup of the homemade stick pin

Stick pin

Most of you may be knowing how to make one..but I made my first pin only recently so to help others like me sharing how to make a stick pin

Stick pin tutorial

I used a beaded pin , flower caps , pearls and a glue gun to make a stick pin. Thread the flower cap onto the pin as shown and put a bit of hot glue into the cap..thread in your big bead immediately.

Apply a thin thread of glue on the pin stick and thread the rest of the beads and your stick pin is done! [You just need to work fast but carefully so as to not burn yourself!]

Stick pin tutorial

Here is the aerial view showing the scallop and flowery borders on the roof and doilies on the floor of each compartment

Shadow Box
So many wonderful entries have already poured in for the Pattern paper challenge and I am mesmerized by the display of creativity. Thank you so much Sunehra and Itsy Bitsy for inviting me to GD once again.


  1. AWESOME project Dr. Sonia and you used pattern papers, punches, pearls, glitter strips fabulously! You are queen of recycled and 3D projects! Hats off to you..

  2. This is amazing.. I think this is the first project ever where I have seen you use PP doc.. Now don't just stop here… continue using them for you use them awesomely well… 😀

  3. Thank you Khush…I hate to cut up pretty paper and always marvel at how easily you used to use so many pretty papers for the circle books and fancy folds you make Khush.

  4. Thank you Sindhu I tried to epitomize some of my favorite Itsy Bitsy products namely Punches, Jewelry making Supplies,Papers,Affordable Dies,and the versatile Glitter strips

  5. Fabulous Project Dr Sonia …you really are a queen at recycling !! it never ceases to amaze me how you take everyday things and convert them to beautiful pieces of art …your shadow box is so gorgeous .. just love all the details 🙂

  6. This is so pretty doc!! It looks like a cute doll house! That pin idea is so cute. I have tried it many times and its so much fun coz you can make one matching your project. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful project.

  7. Thank you Indira and you hit the nail on the head..that is exactly what my daughter converted it into..a doll house! I got the “flower caps” only recently from Itsy Bitsy and using it the pins looked so much prettier..earlier the glue would make an unsightly big blob..using the flower hid whatever mess I made!

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