Mixed Media Art Journal

 Dear crafty friends,

Kripa here today with a mixed media art journal page. Hope this inspires you to try some new techniques and join the ‘Mixed Media Challenge” this month.

To begin, I cut out the dragonfly and clock motif from a Little Birdie filament decoupage paper. Glued it on some white cardstock and cut it out. Next, I drew some lines on the same cardstock and divided them as shown. I have labelled them so that I can apply the same paste on them later on. I also cut a few chipboard pieces in half. Using a palette knife apply the pastes.

I wanted to give a contrast look of day and night on the two halves of the page. So, the pieces forming the left side have been painted dark blue and the right side in soft brown. Apply the same paints to the chipboard pieces too. I love the rusty highlight given by Caramel – Embossing Paste.

Finally, I painted the background canvas page with strokes of multi-surface paint in Icy Blue and Caramel Embossing paste. Glue the textured strips on the canvas using Heavy Gel Medium. Its a very good glue especially when sticking on bulky, uneven surfaces.

Now the final part is giving highlights and contrast. Rub some Waxes in Patina Glaze and Antique Gold on the raised surfaces and finally some Caramel Syrup – Embossing paste for a rich rust colour contrast.



Here are a couple of close ups.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will try some of the products and techniques shared here.

Wishing you all a creative week ahead!


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