Make Your Own Reversible Pendant Without Any Mould

Hi all,

Hope you all are safe. In the present situation we cannot step out to shop so I decided to make myself a pendant with a gift box!  Let’s start.

Here I have used the Little Birdie resin and no mould or frame. The Little Birdie resin is perfect for making jewellery as it dries within an hour! It has an amazing finish, shine, and strength.

A few points to note about the resin is that it doesn’t stick to plastic and silicon. Otherwise it permanently sticks to anything, so prepare your work area before starting. (Tip: Always use gloves and spread a plastic sheet on your work surface. If required, clean up hands and work surface using rubbing alcohol or thinner)

I used a silicon mat to start my work. I made an outline of the pendant in the desired shape using the ceramic cone available at the store.

I raised the height of the frame by using the cone 4 times.

I let the frame dry for about 3 hours. It came off easily from the silicon mat  and then I painted it with the Golden Glaze metallic paint from the store.

Next, I mixed one spoon of resin with one spoon of hardener for less than a minute and added Ice Blue glitter dust.

I poured this mixture into the frame. Little Birdie resin is very thick and does not allow free flow, so it stayed where I poured it and did not go out of the frame though there was a little gap between the frame and the mat.

I let it dry for 1 hour and then trimmed the edges (with a pair of scissors) of the resin that went slightly out of the frame.

Once dry, I turned over to the reverse side and poured resin mixed with pieces of gold gilding sheets.  (available at the store) To do this, I mixed half a spoon of resin and half a spoon of hardener and put pieces of gilding sheets in this. Once I started mixing, the gold pieces broke down into beautiful and even sized smaller bits.

I applied this paste with a spoon on the back of the pendant to be able to use it as a reversible one. I applied the same on the sides too and specs of it on the front as well.

To make a loop, I attached an old earring (bali) that fit perfectly as a loop.

In all, I used a total of 3 spoons of resin and hardener together to make this big sized reversible pendant.

I made a box too to keep the pendant by converting an old box with decoupage technique.

I applied a coat of gesso, then adhered a tissue with Deco magic glue. Then I applied varnish mixed with silver dust .

I painted some portions with the beautiful metallic paint shade -Blue Waltz and topped the box with a pretty handmade flower from the store!

Here is my reversible pendant with a gift box. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will try this soon!

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