Life of a Butterfly – Mixed Media Decor

Hello Creatives,

Relating to the current situation, we can learn a lesson from the butterfly beginning it’s life crawling along the ground, then spinning a cocoon, patiently waiting until the day it will fly.

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” – Be like a Butterfly & enjoy & live every moment of your life.

Let’s start the project.

Step 1 :

Draw a butterfly or you can also take a print on a paper & give a coat of clear gesso to prep the surface.

Spray alcohol splash on the gessoed surface & fussy cut the butterfly.

Next, take a chipboard of 2mm & draw an outline & stick the chipboard base to the butterfly.

Step 2:

Apply a coat of Decor Varnish to the colored surface, this will retain the color. let it dry.

Step 3:

Give a thin coat of resin which makes it look glossy & adds volume to it. Let it dry over night.

Take some beautiful handmade flowers, chipboard designs, micro beads, shells & craft pellets to decorate the butterfly.

Now with dry brush technique apply Sparkle Paste Mulberry Glaze to give a shimmery look to the flowers. here I chose to decorate only one half of it.

Note: I have uses silicon glue to stick the embellishments.

Here are a few clicks of the finished project.

Hope you will like it.

Material List:

1. Clear gesso


2. Alcohol Splash –

3. Decor Varnish

4. Clear Resin

5. Handmade flowers

6. Microbeads

7. Shells

8. Sparkle Paste – Mulberry Glaze

9. Craft Pellets

10. Silicon glue


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