Home Decor: Delightful Bird House

Hello Lovelies,

How was your weekend? I spent the weekend doing some spring drawing and watercolor in my sketchbook.

I just love spring! What about you all? Spring is the best time of the year! Winter is finally over, there are more hours of daylight and there’s a buzz in the air and you feel happier.

You see beautiful flowers, butterflies, birds and know spring has arrived!

I just get nostalgic. From last few days I am watching a pair of birds searching for right place to nestle and this project was inspired by that pair of bird. As you all know I am a bird lover too, so got a good reason to do this project.

To start with, I selected this beautiful wooden decorable bird house  from Itsy Bitsy and painted it with white gesso.

In the next step, I painted the roof of the bird house with Lavender Blush  chalk paint and the walls or the rest of the house with Lemon Chiffon.

So this is how it looks after painting. I think I am done with it. Doesn’t it looks pretty  with just  a wash of chalk paints?

Now I decided to give  a distressed wooden plank look to the house.  I drew some rough lines vertically around it with pencils. If you want neat lines you can use a ruler. But I like the lines to be loose and wavy so drew them free hand.

Next, I used chalk paint and black acrylic to draw lines on those pencil marks.

Avoid mixing more black to the grey chalk paint. You can see I have created some darker spots in between the  lines to give them a more realistic and textured effect. I painted on all four walls of the bird house.

Now I am again giving a coat of yellow chalk paint on those lines we drew earlier, so that the bird house looks more withered.

Once the chalk paint dried, I used sand paper and lightly rubbed on the bird house so that the lines we drew beneath are visible and the texture looks rough and old.

I used black archival ink and vertically dragged it on the corner of the  house and also on the walls to give it a further distressed effect. In this step I used a black permanent marker to draw some lines again on the bird house to highlight those wooden planks and to give it a contrast too.

In the next step, I stamped the roof with archival ink.


Now begins the fun part. Lets decorate the bird house. I painted each side of the bird house with sap green acrylic paint.

In the next step we are going to paint some lavenders with ear buds. Yes it’s a easy peasy way to paint some beautiful lavenders.

I am painting the first coat of lavender with Mont Mart acrylic light purple from the Two Seasons set. Just dab some dots in a shape as shown below.

Just dip and dot, dip and dot. (More tap, tap, tap.) The hardest part of the whole thing is waiting for the dots to dry! Once they were dry, I used darker shades of purple on left of the previously painted lavenders to give them some depth.


With a small round No: 4 Brush I started painting some grasses too.


I love to add some whimsical touch to my projects by adding some glitter. This time too I decided to add some sparkle to this bird house. I stamped the roof with script stamp from my stash and then applied Little Birdie Deco Magic glue and sprinkled some purple glitter on it.


Then with heavy gel medium I adhered some embellishments from my stash to this lovely bird house.

I stuck some flowers, butterflies, twines, pollen, coconut fiber, lady bugs and two birds from my stash to give it a finishing touch. I kept playing until I got the desired result. In the last step I gave a finishing touch to the wooden house with brown lines very lightly.

Hope you all like this and will make something similar.

Till we meet next time….happy crafting



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