Tree Jewellery Holder Featuring Little Birdie Craft Cement

Hey Crafties!

This is Priyanka Kantak! I am back with another project for you.

As you all know, this month’s Blog Challenge is Challenge #19: Anything Goes using Little Birdie Craft Cement.

Little Birdie Craft Cement is such a versatile product. You can use any mould/plastic box available at home to make different types of holders!

Today, I have a step by step photo tutorial to help you create a ‘Tree Jewelry Holder’.

Let’s begin :
Step 1

Let us first make the tree. For this, I die cut bright white cardstock and 2 different shades of brown handmade cardstock using ‘Flowering Tree’ thin cut die. All products are by Little Birdie.

Step 2

I adhered all three of the tree die cuts in such a way that they were not aligned exactly behind each other and was slightly off. I did this on purpose so that you can see each color peeking a bit.

* You can use different shades of same color cardstock to give added dimension to your die cuts *

Step 3

I then die cut the little flowers & leaves that come with the ‘Flowering Tree’ die set using different colors of felt.

Step 4
The next step involves sticking these leaves & flowers on the tree.

This is how it looks :

Step 5
Let’s make the base now!

I mixed the required amount of Little Birdie Craft Cement gradually with water till I got a flowing consistency. I applied a bit of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the inside of the plastic box. Then I poured the cement mixture into it. You can use whatever box is available.

*  Pour water gradually into the cement and not in one go *

Step 6

I let the cement sit in the mould for about 10 min and then pressed the tree upright inside it. I also pressed a small lid beside the tree to create a holder for my jewelry.

*  Put a heavy object inside the small lid to create a deeper dent *

Step 7

I kept it aside for 24 hours and then took the cement base out of the mould. I also took the lid out. It looks like this :

Step 8

Now Lets decorate the jewelry holder we made. I applied Glass Bead Gel with a spatula on the base of the tree and let it dry till it turned transparent. This gives the effect of small rocks at the bottom of the tree.

Step 9

After this I painted the base with ‘Charcoal’ chalk paint. To finish off, I glued some leaves and flowers that were leftover from Step 3 on the base of the tree with silicon glue.

Ta da! Our project is complete!

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great day ahead!

Priyanka Kantak

List of supplies used :


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