DIY Pinup Board with Little Birdie Glitter Fabric Paints

Hello creatives, Vini here today!

I love shiny things and instantly fell in love with the shimmer of the new Little Birdie Glitter Fabric Paints! I decided to give a new look to an old pin up board I had at home! Let me show you what I did.

I used a cotton silk fabric available with me and taped it to the pin up board so that I could do my work on the exact size. I inserted a newspaper and a polythene between the board and the fabric which I removed later.

Then I made patterns with a masking tape to divide the cloth into sections.

In each section, I used a different stencil to apply the glitter paints with a stencil brush. The consistency of the paints is amazing and work best on a thick fabric.

In this way, I used different stencils and paints from the store to create this kind of mosaic.

Once this dried, I removed the tape, the polythene, and the newspaper. Then I glued the fabric back to the board with Deco Magic fabric glue.

I tied some jute twine around the board so that I could hang as well as pin up stuff to the board. Then I pasted some pretty handmade flowers and string lights to add jazz to my board! The lights are very thin, ideal for the board and have a flexible string so they are easy to wrap around.

Finally, I displayed some of the watercolour and alcohol ink art I have been making using supplies from the store.  I used wooden clips to display my work. There are many sizes of clips available at the store.

Here is the final look. I love my board and I hope you too!

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