Decorative Mixed Media Canvas

Hello everyone, Raj Mehta here today with a mixed media inspiration for you.
Let’s create a mixed media canvas which looks straight out of a fairytale .
Step 1: Cut out a crescent moon shape out of 1mm chipboard and apply a thick layer of mixed-media paste. Create craters using the back end of the paintbrush . Once dry, paint it with Icy Aqua multi-surface paint . Apply a coat of white gesso over it after the paint is dry.
Step 2: Cut out two house shapes out of the 1mm chipboard and add texture to it with stencil and mixed-media paste. Apply a coat of black gesso and once dry add some colour to it with Icy Aqua.
Step 3: Take a canvas board and apply Little Birdie grainy texture paste through the stencils. Apply a coat of black gesso over the dry textured surface.
Adhere the crescent moon with silicone glue. Dilute some Icy Aqua with water and colour around it.
Step 4: Adhere the houses we’ve prepared earlier with a few dried twigs coated with black gesso.
Step 5: Paint the chipboard elements with the same color and adhere them on the canvas with Little Birdie handmade flowers.
Step 6: Apply some Blue Spa chalk paint randomly over the elements for colour variation.
Step 7:  With the Little Birdie Vintage Gold metallic wax highlight the textured areas . You can use your fingers or a brush and apply it gently over the raised areas.
Step 8: Add some finishing touches with  sparkling dots and splashes of white paint.
Done ! A dreamy mixed media canvas is ready.
Materials required: canvas board, stencils, black and white gesso, mixed-media paste, grainy texture paste, multi-surface paints, metallic wax, Little Birdie handmade flowers, chipboard elements, sparkling dots, heavy gel medium.
Create your mixed media decor today and do not forget to join the Mixed Media Challenge this month!

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