Decoupage Floral Decor

Hello artsy people, DT member Rashida on blog today.

Today we will use decoupage tissues to make easy aesthetic flowerpot display using Little Birdie products.


  1. Coat the bucket with Deco Magic glue- matt in sections and then stick the napkin on the bucket.STEP 2:
  2.  After sticking the whole napkin on the bucket, let it dry for 10 mins and then add another layer of the Deco Magic glue to seal the napkin.
  3. Step 3:
  4. Add handmade paper roses to the decoupaged bucket. Now add the artificial succulent to the bucket.
  5. Coat the watering can with Deco Magic glue. Add the napkin to the pot and then  add another coat of glue to over the pot.
  6. Next, add handmade flowers and crystals to the pot.
  7. Hope you are inspired and will try something similar. Will see you soon with another inspiration. Keep crafting!

Materials Used:

Decoupage Tissue

Deco Magic glue

Handmade flowers and crystal stones

Metal watering can and bucket


Faux plant


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