Crafter in the Spotlight Nasrin Banu

Hello creative folks! This week the ‘Spotlight’ is on talented crafter Nasrin Banu from Bangalore. Let’s be a part of her crafting journey, see how she got into crafting and hear more about her story.

Nasrin has been into crafting since her school days but took up serious crafting about a decade ago. Although some of Narin’s favourite craft forms are card making, fabric sculpture and mixed media but she is always looking forward to learn new art and craft forms.

Read along to find out Nasrin’s favourite craft forms, her arty-crafty wish, craft essentials she can’t live without, how she describes her style of crafting, what she enjoys most besides crafting and more. Also catch glimpses of a step by step project by Nasrin. Don’t forget to leave your loving comments for her.

Rashmi Closepet M.D Itsy Bitsy:  What are your favourite craft forms?

Nasrin Banu: Card making, fabric sculpture and working with mixed media techniques are my favourite craft forms. I try to learn various new art and craft forms so the list of favourites is never ending.

RC: If you are granted an arty-crafty wish, what would you ask for?

NB: My arty crafty wish is to have a dedicated art studio where crafters and artists from various fields can interact and work together without any interference or time limit. It would be such a pleasure to meet people who would love to share their knowledge and expertise.

RC: How did you come to know about Itsy Bitsy?

NB: Being in Bangalore, I would drive past the HSR layout branch of Itsy Bitsy many times. Once I visited the store and since then I’ve been hooked up with Itsy Bitsy. I love the physical store more than online stores, since I can meet ots of crafters and can interact with them. Love the feel of real shopping!

RC:  Tell us about your most exciting shopping experience at Itsy Bitsy.

NB: I took my nieces to Itsy Bitsy Phoenix Mall store. Once we entered, they were so excited to see such a dedicated store where they could reach out to each and every product on display. They were shooting questions about the products and it’s use. I was equally excited to clarify their doubts. What can be a better way to engage and to make youngsters learn arts and crafts?

RC:  What craft products attract you the most?

NB: I love working with Balsa wood home decor items from the store very much but that not the least. Little Birdie’s two in one modelling paste and the heat gun are the two main products without which I can never start crafting.

RC:  What is your ideal crafting time in a day?

NB: As a homemaker after finishing all my house hold work, I craft only when my family members are away from home… to school and office.

RC: What are your ‘Can’t live without’ craft essentials?

NB: Painting brushes, painting knives and heat gun.

RC: long have you been crafting?
NB: I’ve been into arts and crafts since school days. Thanks to my craft teachers who imbibed the love of arts. However, I took crafting more seriously and started practising on a regular basis for the past 10 years.

RC: Which 3 words describe your crafting style the best?

NB: Vintage, rustic and floral.

RC: Any inspirational tips for newbies and craft enthusiasts?

NB: We all as a newbie try to draw or get inspired from the work of fellow artists and masters. That’s when we try to recreate. It’s okay to copy as a beginner when you are learning. But to be accepted as a crafter or an artist in our field, we need to have our own speciality. That can be achieved only when we practice a lot and find our own calling. Practice is the most important thing to highlight among others.

RC: Any tips for fellow crafters to help them organize their workspace better.

NB: Declutter your workspace and keep your tools of trade within your hands reach. Even if you don’t have a dedicated craft space, try keeping all the products sorted and labelled.

RC: What inspired you the most in your creative journey?

NB: As a crafter, I draw inspiration from all the sources which gain my attention. It may be colour palettes or pictures in magazines or an illustration. The most important thing is to never be afraid of making mistakes.

RC: According to you what’s the best way to overcome a creative block?

NB: A creative block can happen when you are about to start a project and don’t know what to do or lose focus midway! The best way to overcome a block is to step away from the project, divert your attention towards something that relaxes your mind. Comeback after a few days and that’s a great way to trigger totally out of the box project ideas.

RC: Why do you think people should continue with ‘Handmade’?

NB: Any form of “Handmade” has its own uniqueness to it. The artist puts all of his/her efforts, time, and soul to each and every detail of the piece which is handmade. That’s what makes it even more special! The intuitive sensing and vision to create a masterpiece is what makes us live a more lively life and hence ‘Handmade’ makes our life more beautiful.

RC: Other than crafting what do you enjoy the most?

NB: As a mom of two, I love cooking their favourites and listening to music.

RC: Which are the product categories you check out most often for new arrivals?

NB: Begin one crazy crafter who likes to explore endless possibilities in crafting, I prefer to browse through the ‘New Arrivals’ sections in online stores. I also try to find new ways to incorporate my new discoveries in my crafting wherever possible.  Also, I like to have and try various tools in all the sections. It may be cake stencil or a cutter which I used in mixed media projects to add uniqueness.

Here is a step by step project by  Nasrin

Materials needed.

Chalk paint in shades of Cocoa Mist and Passionate Plum

Sculpture Paste in shades of Rose Blush and Seaweed .

Transparent acrylic sheet in A4 size

Monte Marte painting knife no2

Small painting brush and a sponge

Clay pot

Apply Cocoa Mist on the top part of the pot and Passionate Plum on the bottom part of the pot.

Now blend the colours using a sponge in the middle. Use the sponge in a dabbing motion without changing the direction.

Now place some the Sculpture Paste on the acrylic pallet. Scoop the Seaweed paste with the painting knife and apply it on the pot . Give shape of leaf to it.

Now wipe clean your palette knife. Now scoop Rose Blush Sculpture Paste and slide it sideways on the palette. Remove it from the palette and arrange on the pot to give the shape of a flower. When all the petals are arranged, colour the centre of the flower with Passionate Plum chalk paint.

Allow the project to dry for a day and apply varnish.

Here are a couple of  Nasrin’s other awesome creations:

Many congrats  Nasrin  for being the CRAFTER IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ITSY BITSY!!


You will receive Rs.500/- Itsy Bitsy gift voucher & a Crafter in the Spotlight badge, which can be proudly displayed on the side bar of your blog and other platforms. Looking forward to many more creations, Happy Crafting!

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  1. These are super pretty 🙂 You really don’t look like a mother of two. Your blue flowers using sculpture paste look surreal. TFS and congratulations 🙂

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