Floral Wall Panel with Little Birdie Sculpture Paste

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Roopashree here on Itsy Bitsy blog today as a guest designer. It’s been always an immense pleasure to be associated with Itsy Bitsy. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share a project with all my lovely crafter friends.
I am sharing a pictorial of an easy 6 petal flower with Little Birdie Sculpture Paste, so let’s get started..

Step 1:
I have taken a double layered circular MDF panel as a base. The bottom piece is a plain circle & the top piece has a laser cut design on it. The reason behind choosing a double layer is that, I wanted to give a double colour contrast effect.

Step 2:
Select 2 contrast colours from Little Birdie chalk paints.  I have selected Lemon Chiffon & Deep Sea Blue for this project. I have applied the darker shade at the bottom  & the lighter shade at the top piece. Apply 2 nice coats of paint & let it dry.

Step 3:(optional)
I have worked a bit on the base and have applied a thin coat of 1 step Crackle Medium which forms small cracks on the top base.

Step 4:
Select a stencil of your choice (Little Birdie has a wide variety of designs). I have taken a brick design & waterproof black ink pad to give some random brick patterns on the base.

Step 5:
Lets start working on the sculpture painting now! Take any shade of sculpture paste, I have selected Aqua Spritz for flowers & Seaweed for the leaves. Scoop out a little amount of paste with a palette knife & spread it on a non sticky surface & mix thoroughly. Make sure it’s texture is smooth & soft as butter.

Step 6:
Now pick the paste little by little from the flat edge of the palette knife, press the palette knife from pointed tip to the bottom, pull it down to remove the paste from the knife so as to form a petal. For rest of the petals use another palette knife to push it on the base & arrange it in a circular form of a flower with 6 petals. Lift & bend the petal edges wherever necessary to make little ribs at the edge of the petals. Do this with the help of a knife to add volume to the flower. For the center, take a bunch of pollen, tie them with a thread at the bottom & insert it at the center with the help of tweezers. Do this when the paste is still wet.

Step 7:

Repeat the process & make as many flowers as you wish.
I have made clusters of flowers here. Now shape the leaves in the same way as the petals were formed. For the leaves I have taken Seaweed Sculpture Paste & added it in between the flowers & in some of the empty spaces.

Step 8:
For making the stem, take a small quantity of paste & add little water to make a thick batter like consistency. Fill it in a cone (made of plastic sheet) like a mehandi/henna cone or you can also use a ceramic cone that’s readily available at Itsy Bitsy. Draw lines to connect the flowers & leaves to make a branch.

Step 9:
When the paste has dried, highlight the centre part with a darken tone of the flower. I have used Deep Sea Blue chalk paint to highlight my flowers.

Step 10:
Lastly have decorated the panel with a clay embellishment to give an extra creative touch to it.

List of materials used from Itsy Bitsy:

  1. Little Birdie Chalk paint-Lemon Chiffon & Deep Sea Blue
  2. Pallet knife No.6 & No.11
  3. Little Birdie Sculpture Paste-Aqua Spritz & Seaweed
  4. Little Birdie One step Crackle Medium
  5. Stencil – Brick

Hope you liked my project & will try your hands on it. Do leave some love on the comment section below.

Thank you & happy crafting,


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