Chocolate Truffles with the Itsy Bitsy Chocolate Moulds

As you know Itsy Bitsy is the definitive hobby and craft megastore and if your hobby extends to chocolate making and baking, we’ve got a fabulous range in this area as well. I recently picked up some fabulous silicone Chocolate Moulds from the Itsy Bitsy store and couldn’t wait to start making a batch of chocolates. 
The silicone moulds are far better than the plastic ones as they are pliable, flexible and won’t crack under pressure. When the chocolate sets, all you have to do is ease it out of the mould and it just slips out without a problem. Each set comes with 2 trays which can each accommodate 15 chocolates and there are a variety of designs and options to choose from. To see how the actually works, don’t miss my video demonstration at the bottom of this post. 

Now to serve my chocolate truffles I decided to make a little serving stand. I used the template on this link. You can use this to serve cupcakes also and it makes a delightful addition to any tea party or dessert serving. Since I was making it to serve chocolates, I used some brown card stock from Itsy Bitsy and followed the template on this link to create the stand. Then once it was ready, I had some fun embellishing. I used the Itsy Bitsy Damask folder to emboss the base, then I added some adhesive frills for the edge. A doily on the top was essential along with some ribbon and Itsy Bitsy blooms. Don’t the chocolates look even yummier!

Itsy Bitsy seriously has a lot of supplies for all kinds of hobbies and since I love to bake, I was thrilled to see the wonderful chocolate moulds included in the product range. Have you ever tried making chocolates? It’s super easy to do! I’ve made a video demonstrating how to the make soft-center chocolate truffles and you will see first hand how easy these chocolate moulds are to work with!


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  1. Oh My you sure are a multi talented personality Sunhera ..Is there anything that you can't do well !! ..these chocolates look absolutely yummy and ofcourse the way you have dressed them up on that beautiful stand makes it all the more a visual treat ..Off to check out your video ..there is no way I want to miss this one 🙂

  2. oh my.I am on a diet and all I want to do is gobble those chocolates up.The stand looks awesome too.Thanks for the link.Off to check the vid.Thanks for sharing.

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