A Pretty Girly Dollhouse Part 2 – The Living and Dining Room Furniture

A week ago, I published photos of a dollhouse I made using an old carton and some fabulous Itsy Bitsy supplies. If you haven’t seen it yet or would like to take a look again, you can find it here. Today as promised I am sharing the furniture I made for the living and dining rooms. I’m really having fun with this project because as Suman Pandit  commented on my paper dolls post, these kinds of projects are great for little girls everywhere, even the little girls lurking inside grown women like me! Ha Ha!
So my living room furniture consists of a sofa and 2 single seaters. I also made a standing lamp for the corner, a potted plant for some greenery and a rug for the floor. Here’s a peek at the living room when you open the dollhouse and glance inside. How do you like it!

To make the sofas, you’ll be surprised to know that I just used some old matchboxes. When I was in school in Bombay (I went to Bombay Scottish School), my craft teacher Mrs Bracken had all the girls make dollhouses using old shoeboxes and the furniture was  made out of old matchboxes. I used the exact same approach for my living room and have the thank Mrs Bracken for making such an impact on my life with this project. Here’s a pictorial collage of how I made the seating furniture.

For the little accents in the room, again I had a blast using some fabulous Itsy Bitsy supplies. The rug in the centre is created from the fabulous new range of burlap sheets at Itsy Bitsy. I just removed the threads on 2 sides to create the tassel effect. For the potted plant, I used some fillers and flowers again from Itsy Bitsy and for the lamp, I used some craft sticks and a muffin liner. Isn’t it pretty!

Now on to the dining room. Since it is after all a little girl’s dollhouse, I felt compelled to use lots of pink and pearls to make it as girly as possible. I had already done the walls in some floral pink paper so I just matched the ‘upholstery’ of the chairs to the hot pink flowers on the wall. I added a vase for the centre and stuffed it with some tiny roses from Itsy Bitsy.

To make the chairs, again I used some recycled elements. This time it was old toilet rolls. Below is another pictorial collage of how I converted a simple toilet roll into some pretty chairs perfect for a meal for a doll and her friends.

Here’s a closeup of table with the pretty vase of flowers. For a little added flair, I embossed the table top with the damask embossing folder from Itsy Bitsy and to give it some dimension, I edged it with some pink adhesive strips.

For the chair cushion, I took some white pom poms from Itsy Bitsy and pulled them apart a little. This made them soft and fluffy. Then I just stuffed them into the cavity of the chair. Genius eh!

Finally for the vacant wall, I took a chipboard frame laser cut again from Itsy Bitsy and glued it on to the wall along with a stamped image I had with me. Love how it added a ornate and antique accent to the space. 

Finally here’s a picture of the dining room when you first open the dollhouse and glance inside. My husband (who is an architect) insists that my furniture is not to scale. Well I couldn’t be bothered with such nitty gritties. For me it just has to look pretty and I think it does. What do you think?

Stay tuned to next week’s post when I will be furnishing the upstairs rooms. One will be a bedroom and what are your suggestions for the other? Study? Nursery? Kitchen? Give me some ideas folks!
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  1. Oh Sunehra! You are mind blowing! I have no words yet again. I can't tell you how much I love every bit of your living and dining rooms… Sooooooooo pretty. I love that beautiful sofa and the idea to recycle those toilet rolls is fabulous. You are a genius. And yes, all it matters is whether what we make is pretty! 🙂

  2. What a doll house suhera!!! I am stunned!! This is 'the most ' gorgeous doll house I have ever ever seen!! The furnitures are so cute and the embellishing is so pretty…thanks fr sharing this..m.eagerly waiting for the next post… 🙂

  3. Oh Sunehra!! Wow!! This is so cute.. Loved all your outstanding and terrific ideas. Everything is so beautifully done and placed.. ahh how cute!
    I would love to see cute girly 'study room' in the next post.. 🙂

  4. Ohho..Sunehra the fab interior designer !! I loved the furniture ,The sofa look royal with all the pearls and the dinning room chairs are superb loved the fluffy pom-poms in it ! You done the details of rooms very beautifully .

  5. Absolutely brilliant Sunehra, I just love everything about this but the icing on the cake for me, was how you've made the dining table chairs and the laser cut frame on the wall!
    PS: As a child I had also make a doll's house from an old carton and furniture using match boxes 😛

  6. OMG what a creation Sunehra…so many details.. I am completely stunned …short of words for this. Missed the part1, now hopping over it !!

  7. oh.How did I miss this post.The whole thing is so adorable.the construction and decoration of the chairs is very celever indeed.I am sure it was not easy.That ornate frame you used is one of my fav chippies from Itsybitsy.Love love it and love your project.What next?

  8. O my my sunehra!! I have a query ,am so in love with the entire house….can u rent it out to me???:D amazing and perfect implication….am completely stunned

  9. Hey hey Sindhu, thanks so so so so much for your super kind words, it really encourages me and gives me a fabulous sense of validation. Thanks again rockstar!

  10. Great! Thanks so much for the feedback, nobody else has shared their views about the fourth room and I too was leaning towards study so study it is! Thanks again!

  11. hey Pooja – interior designer of dollhouses maybe, if I do this in real life my husband will leave me. Ha ha ha! Thanks so much, ya I like how grand the sofas turned out. So much fun!!

  12. Really wow Juhi, guess it was making the rounds of craft teachers everywhere, simply ingenious idea and such a fabulous result eh? How I wish I had photos of those projects we made as kids. Would be great to see 'Then and Now'.

  13. Hi Sunehra, was away from blogland for three days. absolutely love this dollhouse series!! the dining chairs and the frame, the image, lamp shade and the flowers….everything is fabulous!!Thank you so much for the mention and link to my blog dear friend!!

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