Add that Patina Effect with Little Birdie Tinted Metallic Paints

Hi to all the crafters ,
This is Ruchi Gupta here!  Today I am sharing a project which I created for Itsy Bitsy using their recently launched Tinted Metallic Paints and featuring the same on their blog as a guest designer.
First and foremost my heartfelt thanks to Rashmi Harish for thinking of me and Anitha Mallesh for organizing the delivery. I am extremely happy with the results achieved and was pleasantly surprised by the supremely smooth finish and the shine which these paints have.
The links to the product is as follows:
 Often while cleaning the house we encounter many things that are lying waste or waiting to be discarded. I too found a frame along with the backing as it was damaged in a mishap and the mirror broke leaving a crack and dent on the frame. This was a perfect project for me to tackle.

I dismantled the frame and the backing ply .First I took the frame and applied Mont Marte modelling paste and Little Birdie stencil which I got from the store. Also randomly laid some modelling paste with knife and sprinkled some long glass beads. As modelling paste has very good adhesion try and lay down stuff when it is wet so that no glue is needed. Once dry, I applied black gesso. (Mont Marte) again from the store.

Now was the time to create the main project. For this I wanted to try the embossing method to create a textured look. This technique is widely used and is popularized by Paul Bozzo. I made clay with marble powder and  PVA craft glue as my efforts at using joint compound or wet putty were not very satisfactory. I pasted the clay in an even fashion on the board….

Please refer pictures for clarity.

 I used a rolling pin to give smooth and even coverage. You can spread this clay with your hands with help of some water. I then decided to bring out all my wooden blocks and some stamps to make marks in the clay. Do wait for some 10 minutes  before you start making the marks. Also do not press too hard into the clay. This is the most fun part and you can use your creativity to achieve results of your choice.

Next step was to color the project. Leave the marble clay to dry for at least 12 hours before you start doing anything on top of it. I was quite eager to open the little jars of metallic colors and yes was not disappointed!!!. They were creamy and very smooth. Also they were thick enough to stay on the brush and not drip.The shine on these was excellent. I specially recommend the three colors I have used if you want patina effect or are thinking of shimmery upgrades to your projects. Layer your color alternating with a coat of gel medium to seal the layers. Start with the light shades and move to dark. I used lime crush and followed by Caribbean Teal  and finished with Burnt Umber (acrylic +water)wash. Rub off excess paint before it dries.









I am quite happy and thrilled with the results and with the shine and shimmer that these Tinted Metallic Paints have given to the project. Also I did some dry brushing of copper on to the frame to bring out the texture work. I chose an image from a calender to use as my focal point and pasted the same on to

thick cardboard with glue and used Acrylic gloss medium to seal it. I decided to paint some papers with the same colors and made small flowers from them. Also all the chipboards were treated with the same colors. Think results speak for themselves as the patina effect comes out beautifully.


Now comes the placement of all elements. Do a dry run by placing things and adjusting how you like them. I used silicone glue by Itsy Bitsy to paste all embellishments and double sided tape for the cutout. This is the final output and I am glad with the richness of colors. Hope you enjoyed and would try out these colors.




Thanks for  reading through the long post
Ruchi Gupta




  1. The Patina effect is gorgeous & the embossed effect is fabulous! Thank you for doing a stunning job with the metallic paints Ruchi!

    1. Thanks so much for appreciating.I am happy that you offered me the chance to work with the metallics.I am naturally more fond of metallic shades and this product is a sure winner⛤⛥

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