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This is Mukta here……I hope you all had a fabulous Diwali and had a great time with family and friends. I did too! But today’s project is something related to the Diwali cleaning we all do. We all clean our homes before Diwali…..even I did that and I found a lot of scraps and unused craft products just lying about in my stash.  As a crafter, I buy a lot of products and when my project is completed I push the remains behind. Over a period of time, it gets pushed so further back in my cupboard that I just completely forget it exists until the cleaning day.

So, this Diwali when I cleaned my cupboard, I found all the stuff I had forgotten about and thought of making a project using all those up. Let me tell you guys….I feel much better seeing a lot of unused products put to good use. I made a wind chime/ baby mobile using scraps from the L’amour paper pack and a lot of Itsy Bitsy embellishments. I basically made shaker windows using the scraps and filled them up with shaker elements and a lot of fun sequins from the store and decorated it with glitter butterflies and satin ribbons lying in my stash. I have a pictorial tutorial for this project and you all can make it with your scraps as well as new supplies.

I would like to tell you all that the pictures are not very sharp because the chime was in motion and so it was a little difficult to take  images. I have a small video clip of this chime, which I encourage you all to see so you can see how it looks. Now, without wasting more time, let’s begin

  1. To start, I did a lot of diecutting  using the new stitched circle dies and scraps from the L’amour paper pack. I used 2 circles from the pack…to be precise no.4 and no.6 circle die in an ascending order. I die cut 28 rings in all and it would give us 14 shaker windows.
  2. Then using the no.6 die, I die cut 28 circles from clear acetate sheet from the store.
  3. I adhered all the acetate die cuts to the rings using paper crafting glue from the store.  I then placed them in a book and and put a heavy pot over the book. I let it be in there for 15 mins and then, took them all out and punched holes in them so that I could later add eyelets in order to hang my shaker windows using a twine.
  4. Once, this was ready, I got my foam tape out and started adding it to the rims of these frames to create the dimension required for the shaker windows. I had a 1/2″ foam tape, which I cut into 1/4″ thickness and then doubled it up and then glued it to the frames.  when I did that, It covered the holes I punched. So I went back punching my holes through the foam tape this time.
  5. It was now time to have some fun……..I got my shaker elements out…..micro beads, rainbow sparkles, fairy dust, sequins and everything I could find….I jsut went crazy and added them to my windows. Then, I took the tape backing off and adhered the 2 pieces of the frame to get my shaker window ready. I added added my eyelet to the window and it was all ready to be a part of the chime.
  6. Now, to make the top of the chime, I took a 10″ diameter circular chipboard piece and covered it with white handmade paper. I then, drilled 14 holes in it. 1 is in center, 8 near the edges which are all equidistant from the center and each other. Then, 5 in the center area which are all equidistant from each other (72 degrees). 
  7. I used some paper twine from my stash to hang the shaker windows from the circular head/top piece.
  8. I simply passed these twines through the holes and tied knots at the top. I covered the knots using glitter butterflies from my stash. I make it look more finished. I added a yellow trim around the head and some cute satin ribbon bows on the twines. To finish the top, I added pink organza ribbon bows and 2 white satin ribbon roses, I made a long while back. That completes the baby mobile/ wind chime. Here is a video for the same…

List of Supplies:


  1. Wow it’s awesome n adorable mukta well explain tutorial too, love the Shaker elements u have created beautifully made

  2. When I saw the post header, I knew this was you! Such an adorable confection, Mukta! Thanks for the detailed tut too!

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