A Pretty Girly Dollhouse Part 3 – The Bedroom and The Nursery

I’m back again with the third and final instalment of my crafty dollhouse series. Part one was all about making the house from an old carton. In Part two, I created the furniture for the living and dining rooms using some old match boxes and toilet rolls. Now in Part 3, I’m going to finish furnishing the remaining two rooms of the house. It’s time to work on the bedroom and the nursery. So let’s get started.

I chose a lacy blue theme for the bedroom. The bed is actually an old pack of breakfast bars that I wrapped with a paper from the Fresh Floral Stack that coordinates with the wallpaper. For the pillows I used some satin ribbon with a pompom filler. For the headboard, I die cut a scallop oval and embossed it with a floral embossing folder and the lamps are all made from the awesome range of Itsy Bitsy jewellery making supplies. I’ve made a tutorial video for this room which you can watch later on in this post. Here are some closeups of the details. 


Next I began working on the fourth and final room. I really spent some time figuring out what to with this room – study, second bedroom, kitchen… the final choice was a nursery/ baby room. I chose the sunny colours of yellow and once again had a blast adding the numerous details of a typical nursery.  I’ve had 2 kids and each time there were 2 nurseries, one at my  mom’s where I went for confinement and the other at my own place, so I am intimately familiar with the requirements. Here’s a glance at the entire room. 

I started with a cream jute sheet as the flooring, the original was a dark brown which I felt would not go with the sunny feel I wanted. Then I worked on the dresser/ changing table. I used a standard box template to cover the entire side of the wall and then created the faux drawers with strips of pattern paper and brads for drawer knobs. I added a lace trim on top and laid out some Itsy Bitsy handmade decals to appear like baby clothes on the dresser. For the lamp on the corner, I created a stand using a headpin and some pearls, glued that on to the yellow button as the base and added some flowers and ribbon around for added style. A cupcake liner formed the lampshade. 
Next I got to work on the cradle. Once again, discarded toilet rolls came in handy. I sliced it in half and then added some toothpicks as legs. For the canopy, I die cut a scallop circle, cut it in half and curved it over the cradle. Some pearls and an Itsy Bitsy doily finished it off. 
I had some fun with the other details in the room. For the wall, I created a mural using some Itsy Bitsy 3D stickers, all in a pretty princess theme. And I also made a little rocking chair. I found a template some months ago on a blog titled Memories by Dawn and bookmarked it. I knew I would try it some day. For the cushion I used some ribbon and an Itsy Bitsy pompom. 
And here’s a final look at the completely furnished dollhouse from top to bottom. The pearly pink drawing and dining rooms, the lacy blue bedroom and the sunny yellow nursery. Hasn’t it turned out great! All made from paper crafting supplies and a bunch of discarded materials.

As promised, here is a video tutorial of how I made all the bedroom furniture and accessories. Let me know how you like it and would also love to hear your comments on the rooms I furnished here. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Crafting folks!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMlZBpUKDaM]
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  1. This is amazing beyond words.how intricately u have furnished all the rooms keeping in mind not to repeat and colour in two rooms.this is just gorgeous Sunehra !!

  2. This is gorgeousness at its best!! A truly beautiful, wonderful creation. Love it to bits and pieces!!! 🙂 🙂

    you are one awesome woman Sunehra. You manage to always come up with some AMAZING Stuff!!

  3. Sunehra…you can try your hand in Interior Decoration as well….:-)
    Awesome doll house…and I am definitely trying to try my hands on it sometime…thanks for the inspiration…!!

  4. What can I say Sunhera!! This is a mind blowing project!! I am in love with it..you have poured in your heart in it and it has turned out gorgeous!! Simply stunning!!

  5. Sunehra, this is a fitting end to a lovely series of posts!! love the tute, for some weird reason i have not used the glue gun till now but now after watching the tute inspired to use it!!love how you did the bed cover and pillows.

  6. So many intricate details Sunhera..and the concepts are mind blowing. The lamp , the use of lace everything is so so good. Superb project !!

  7. Wow beautiful that dollhouse dream I just wonder decor dollhouse my bedroom romantic I am 47 years old mentally brain damage my husband made how sweet dollhouse surprise me I crying happy
    My husband sweet good man I will myself made dollhouse furniture 🙂 that good true dream dollhouse .

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