Itsy Bitsy has a range of colour collections and when you’re shopping for embellishments you will often find them in packs like Soft Touch, Bubblegum, Aqua etc. One of the collections that I find quite mesmerising is ‘Plum’. It’s all deep and seductive purples so when I was thinking up how I wanted to style this name board, ‘Plum’ just popped to mind!

A name board is great for a child’s room or outside your front door. When it’s custom made like the one above, then you can take particular comfort in knowing that you have a one-of-a-kind creation. So after deciding to create a ‘Plum’ name board, I decided to do it for Itsy Bitsy’s  newest store in Banaswadi Bangalore. It’s a stone’s throw from my home and I’m always going there anyway. So I picked up some papers, embellishments and chipboard alphas and got started on my project. 

For the main body of the board, I used some papers from the Basic Stack and added  rim of pearls. Then I used some Plum glitter flies and glued them all around the rectangular edge. For the letters, I picked up some chipboard alphas and painted them a stark white to contrast nicely when all the purples.  I finished it off with a purple bow embellished with some Itsy Bitsy hand made roses. 

For the little dangles below the board, I once again used the same pattern paper from the basic stack. I glued some mauve feathers on top and added this GORGEOUS plum rose in the center. Isn’t it just mesmerising! Such a treat to see and work with. It comes in a convenient pack of six so I am very glad that I’ve got 3 more waiting for me in my craft stash.

Finally I tried something that I have never done before. I created the little pearl dangler you see below using some jewellery making supplies from Itsy Bitsy. I started with a headpin and then slipped in a variety of pearls and fillers to create that pretty little pearl drop. I first got this idea from Dr. Sonia when she did a post about Shadow boxes for this blog and with Itsy Bitsy being so well stocked in all jewellery making tools and accessories, I was able to put this together in a cinch!

How do you like my name board? And do you find the Plum colour series as mesmerising as I do? Leave a comment and let me know. Would love to hear your views!! Till then Happy Crafting!!
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  1. oh wow.I am loving the plum.Those butterflies and dragonflies are awesome.I want to make dangles too.I keep adding beads and stuff in my shopping cart on the Itsy Bitsy online shop and then in the end remove those.I am determined to get some in my next order now.How lucky to have a craft store so close to you.Totally envious.

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