A Gusion Tote Bag!

Hello everyone hope you are all staying safe , We are back with the projects using Little Birdie Glitter Fabric paints

The more we are moving towards making the planet green, the more we need to make reusable bags our habit. I decided to get a sturdy cloth bag from the Itsy Bitsy store and design it in my own way. This is my own version of the traditional gond art done with the amazing Little Birdie Glitter Fabric Paints. I printed out a design from Pinterest.

I traced the design on the bag using a yellow carbon paper.

Then I outlined the design using a permanent marker.

Gond art is a very colourful art and I made mine vibrant by using all bright and shimmery fabric paints. The paints have a rich pigmentation, glitter and a creamy texture which is very easy to apply with a brush. I filled the design with different colours, Sun Sparkle, Sparkle Pool, Cherry Sparkle, Pine Sparkle, Wisteria Dhine and Salsa Twinkle.

As a last step, I painted dashes and dots on the animals once the base colour dried.

Here is my version of a traditional art using the glitter paints! (Please do not consider it as the traditional way of making this art).

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