Working with Resin!

Hi friends!

I’m back again with something different this time. I’ll show you how we can work with resin to create a glass like effect on any object. I used resin on a basic decoupaged tissue box and I’ll take you through a step-by-step tutorial now! Check it out!

Here’s the final outcome of the piece that I worked on…

So, let’s work on it now..

Step 1: Sand the tissue box on all sides with a piece of sanding paper

Step 2: Choose a paper for the base of the box (you can keep a theme in mind while selecting it)

Step 3: Measure the paper leaving about quarter inch extra on all four sides for each side of the box and cut it with a pair of scissors or a craft knife.

Step 4: Apply decoupage glue evenly on one side and stick the paper. Make sure it’s straight because we have text going on in straight lines.

Step 5: Make sure that the paper is adhered properly and there are no air bubbles trapped inside. Stick paper on two opposite sides and let it dry.

When the paper is dry, cut the extras with a craft knife on a cutting mat.

Step 6: Repeat the process on the smaller sides of the box. Remove the flap of the bottom part as of now; do not stick it along with the box.

Step 7: When it’s dry, cut that extra piece neatly and stick it to the handle of the flap

Step 8: Let’s choose a paper for the top of the box. We have a very subtle and simple paper going on all the sides of the box, so let’s balance it visually by adding some heavy and colourful elements on the top!

Step 9: Let’s cut this paper neatly with a craft knife in order to make an interesting collage.

Step 10: Before we stick the paper on the top of the box, let us paint the insides of the opening (oval) with a light grey acrylic paint which will match with the paper.

Step 11: Create an interesting collage on the top of the box and stick it with decoupage glue. Let it dry well!

Step 12: When it’s completely dry, we can cut the extra paper with a craft knife.

Step 13:ย Sand all the edges and stray paper.

Step 14: Now let’s take a little bit of white acrylic paint and a piece of sponge and dab some paint on all the edges to give it a finished look.

Step 15: When it’s dry, let’s apply a generous coat of decoupage glue all over the piece and let it dry overnight.

Step 16: It’s time to resin the piece now! So, we shall cover the opening of the box with a cellophane tape so that the resin doesn’t drip in and create a mess.

Step 17: Let’s use a masking tape to create a dam around the top of the box on all four sides so that we have a thick, even coat of resin.

Step 18: It’s time to mix the resin now. In a disposable container, mix one portion of transparent resin and one portion of hardener and stir it well slowly. Make sure that both the ingredients are mixed properly.

Step 19: Pour it on top of the box evenly. Small bubbles will settle down when you pour the mixture, but if you still see some big bubbles, poke it with a pin or blow air with a straw to get rid of the bubbles.

Step 20: Remove the tape after letting it sit for a couple of hours! Now, let it dry for a few hours and then you sand all the uneven edges with a heavy grit sanding paper.

We are done! We should have a glass like finish on the box now!

Hope you’ll enjoy working with resin!

Thanks for going through my tutorial! Please get in touch with me if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚

– Charitha.


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