Weight Loss Fridge Magnets

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly fighting the Battle of the Bulge. Perpetual diets, constant workout changes and little or no change on the scale – sound familiar anyone? Wish I could blame it on my 2 pregnancies, but I can’t – there is only one reason for my weighty issues – The Goodies in my Refrigerator!! With hungry kids and a hubby in the house, my fridge is stocked with the yummiest snacks and sadly I just can’t seem to stop digging in. So I thought how about crafting my way out – with some highly motivational Weight Loss Fridge Magnets!

So the plan is that I make these cheeky bordering on rude magnets and fix them on my fridge so that next time I want to stuff my face, I will have something bright, colourful and extremely honest telling me to stop. My first is a ‘Warning Do Not Open’ magnet. I used some black card stock with an orange layer on top which I embossed using the Itsy Bitsy spots folder. The lettering was done using some alphabet stickers from Itsy Bitsy and how about that awesome ‘Danger’ sticker! Went so well with my theme!

I made the second magnet to remind myself of my ultimate dream – to have a flat tummy. I think I last had that when I was in school, playing basketball every free second. Now 2 babies later, it seems like an impossible feat but hey there’s no harm in dreaming right! So I picked up this extremely apt sticker set from Itsy Bitsy and centred my motivational magnet around it. Hope it helps me remember my dream at all times. 

For my next magnet, I decided to go cheeky. I found these adorable little elephant stickers from Itsy Bitsy and I fashioned my magnet around them. I used the colours and the elephants themselves for the message which is quite simple “These fatties look cute… YOU DON’T”. Nothing like a harsh reality bite to keep you on your goal right!

For my final magnet, I decided to do something to get my husband pumped up too. He could lose a few kilos too, so I used some green burlap along with some sporty stickers and the very simple slogan – “Play, don’t eat!” My alphabet stickers from Itsy Bitsy really came in handy, all my slogans were so easy thanks to them!

And that wraps up my motivational fridge magnets. Hope it works! Well even it doesn’t, I had such a laugh making them. Would love to hear your thoughts too, leave a comment and let me know. Till then, Happy Crafting!

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  1. You know when I decided to make magnets, I had no idea what to do and then when I saw these stickers at the Itsy Bitsy store, this idea came… So glad I did it

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