Wall Hanging with MDF Coasters

Hi! I’m Kunali and today I’m going to show you how I used simple MDF coasters to create a cute wall hanging piece.

This can be used to brighten up your home and it’ll also make a great gift. It’ll be ready in just a few hours and you can show off your creative prowess to your near and dear ones. The best part about this art is that you can change the sides depending on your mood or liking. Let’s begin. 

I have started with taking 2 MDF coasters and coated them with black acrylic paint in front and at the back. I have double coated the front. Keep them aside to dry.

Now, I’ve taken 2 jute ropes measuring 120 inches each. I rolled them and stuck them. Go in a circular fashion and keep applying glue as you go while creating a cute jute circle as shown below. Make 2 such circles and keep aside to dry. 

On one of the coasters, I’ve drawn a pattern of a simple Moroccan Zellij and have coloured it with acrylic colours and outlined it with a golden acrylic paint. Leave this aside to dry and now we’ll work on the next coaster. 

Let’s make this one with quilling designs. I’ve made 4 quilled hearts and 8 quilled leaves and stuck a few strips of yellow paper into doubles to make them stiff. 

Arrange them and stick them on the coaster as shown. 

Now, our jute circles have dried and become stiff. Using a cutter, cut them half way and make semicircles as shown. This will give you 4 semicircles. 

Now, apply glue to the edges of the flat painted coaster and stick the jute semi circles as shown. For added safety, stick double sided tape in the centre, add a jute twine rope for hanging the piece and stick the other coaster. Apply pressure so it sticks well. 

Now, once it’s all stuck well and dried, you can apply varnish on the coasters. 

You can use different patterns like small tiles, copy the Moroccan zellij style into quilling, or just painting. Use whatever style you like. Make as big or as many of these patterns and give other art forms a try. I hope you like this craft and give it a try. Do share pictures tagging Itsy Bitsy and me. 

I have listed the products I have used for this project below. 

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PVA Glue 


Monte Marte Metallic Acrylic colours 


Monte Marte Brush Set 


Braided Woven Cord 


Quilling Strips





Itsy Bitsy Quilling Tool – With Wooden Handle


Mont Marte Signature Vivid Colours Acrylic Paint Set, 80Pc


Cutting Mat and Cutter Set – A4 Size


Winsor & Newton Gloss Varnish Spray 150ml


MDF Coasters 


Jute Cord


Double Sided Tape



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