Vellum Cards with the Big B’s

A friend recently told me about vellum sheets and I have come to find that it is one of the most versatile and pretty materials to add to a card. For those learning about it for the first time, it’s a see through paper often seen in wedding invitations. ItsyBitsy carries A4 size vellum sheets and once I got them in hand, I got to work on 3 projects using this material. Plus, in line with our challenge this month I have incorporated the Big B’s – Brads, Bows, Beads and Bling in each card.

The first card is this pretty baby pink one. I made it for a cousin who’s celebrating her daughter’s first birthday today in fact! So it’s all pretty pretty pretty. I used pink card stock and stamped the sentiment right in the center. Then placed a vellum sheet over the card stock, stamped this beautiful filigree design on the top and heat embossed it. I finished with some accents like the bow, a couple of die cut dresses and a foam cake sticker with beady candles.

For the next project, I used vellum to offer a more pastel effect to bright colors. I stamped a bunch of brightly colored butterflies on a piece of white card stock. I placed the vellum sheet over it so that you could see the butterflies but they were more subdued and elegant. Then I stamped a grassy design on top of the vellum to give more dimension. The vellum was attached to the card only on the top so it could be lifted to reveal the pretty stamping below. I finished with a gigantic bow using some ItsyBitsy satin ribbon and a cute little ItsyBitsy Butterfly which very fortuitously had a bead on its body. 

Finally I tried my hand at embossing vellum and this too was a success. Using one of ItsyBitsy’s embossing folders, I created a pretty design on a small piece of vellum. I combined it with some ItsyBitsy pattern paper and embellished with a bow, craft flower and some brads. The card is for a friend’s birthday so the sentiment was short and sweet.

Vellum is really versatile and stylish. It gives an elegant touch to any craft project and can be used to add dimension, texture and originality to your creations. It can be particularly effective for any ‘white on white’ color scheme or wedding cards as well. What are your thoughts about vellum. Drop a line and tell us all about it!


  1. Beautiful cards, i have seen these papers in the shop as everything here will be in german i didn't know they are called vellum and can be used. thanks for sharing,now i know it.


  2. Beautiful cards Sunhera …love the way you have used vellum sheets in so many different ways..i really like the butterfly BG card the best…but then the embossed Bg also looks just lovely!!

  3. You know Kavitha, I had the exact same reaction when my friend mentioned it to me. And then when I figured out what it was I had to do a lot of research to figure out how to use it. This is the culmination of a month long effort in pondering and exploring!

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