Upcycled Baking Tin Home Decor

Hi All,

Sumedha here today to share a home decor project.

I took an old baking tin which was lying in my kitchen for long and decided to upcycle it into a home décor piece. I selected the chalk paints- Tattered Lace, Pink Ballet and Misty Rose to give a shaded base to my tin. I used a floral decoupage napkin from the store and the stencil- Secret to Happiness.

2. I applied a base coat of Gesso and then 2 coats of chalk paints- Tattered lace, Pink Ballet and Misty Rose with a sponge dauber to give a shaded effect. Started with the light color and gradually blending it to a darker shade.

3. Thereafter, I separated the 3 layers of napkin. For decoupage we only need to use the top printed layer of the napkin. I used Deco magic glue to adhere my napkin to the tray and used the Embossing Paste- Warm Cinnamon and a palette knife to apply the sentiment  from 4×4 inch stencil -Secret to Happiness in the middle of my baking tin.

4. Then I used metallic gold, acrylic bronze color, a border stencil and stenciled on the sides of the baking tray with the help of a stencil brush. By mistake I happen to keep my stencil brush on the edge and the dark color spilled on to the edge of my tray, so  to rectify this I decided to create a wash to darken the edges of my tray. There is always a way to correct your mistakes, so never get disheartened. Just use your imagination and go with the flow!

a) To prepare a wash, take little acrylic paint – Burnt Sienna and dilute the paint with lot of water. Apply the diluted paint with a brush and remove the excess with the help of a cloth, so what remains is a darker tinge on the edge as seen below in the picture.

5. After the stenciling, I varnished my entire tray with Little Birdie Gloss Varnish.

Here is how the final project looks. Attaching some closeup shots too.

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