Treasure Trove Tissue Box

Dear Friends ,

Remya here with a tissue box which reminds us of a treasure trove. During all my drives have been frustrated with the blanche look of the tissue box in the car. Today I decided to overhaul it and give it a look of a treasure trove.
Ready for the overhauling session with me ? Lets begin !
Itsy Bitsy has a huge variety of white washed items which are game for any mixed media encounters. I chose to work on tissue box since I had a need for it.
When working with Chipboards, We would have left over Chipboard pieces which normally finds its way to the trash can, my habit of retaining them (although am blamed many a times) helped here and I have used them here. You would be able to see few broken chipboards here ( Piling up all the hoarded chipboard can cause few of them to break !). I stuck them randomly on the sides of the box.
After the chip board pieces get stuck on to the substrate, its time for giving a common layer, covering the entire surface with kitchen tissue paper and let it dry completely.

Once the tissue dries up its time for GESSO. Here I have covered the box with black gesso. Its mandatory for this to dry completely before you apply any color to it. Else you would land up with colors which you may not desire with colors smudged.

Treasure is always (almost always) golden and hence the trove had to get a rustic golden color. To give it the rustic appearance was a bit tricky with use of multiple colors where black base with pearl yellow and green had to roles to play. I stared by buffing the box with Pearl Yellow dimension paint from Monte Marte. You might get your hands dirty while doing this but trust me the result would be better than using a brush.

Once that was done, rubbed off the color from certain areas for the background black to be visible – to get the aged look.

Once I was happy with the outcome of this, I applied Monastral green dimensional paint on the broken chipboards to highlight them. It looks white in the sunlight though. 

Few flowers near the chipboard, it transformed into a treasure chest:) The wording are cut out from an old magazine – did I say that I dont have a trash can at home 😉

Hope you all enjoyed this journey !

Materials Used :

Tissue box
Chipboard – Square frame
Chipboard – Garden bird
Any tissue paper
Black gesso
Dimensional paint  – Yellow
Dimensional paint  – Monastral Green


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