The TriColors are Quite Beautiful – Aren’t They?

The ItsyBitsy challenge this month is all about the TriColor and if you scroll down, you will see a number of submissions, all showcasing just how beautiful the tricolor is. I think the best thing about it is that individually the colors – saffron, white and green don’t really mean anything but put together, they mean so much, to all of us.

So for my sister-in-law’s birthday which is on the eve of Independence – the 14th of August, I decided to wrap her gift with these colors. And I had the best time doing it. I started with a simple white base, topped it up with a green chart, edges cut in a pinking style and finished it off with orange ribbon. It really was as simple as that.

Of course the crowning glory was the orange edge carnation I made out of tissue paper. Gorgeous isn’t it. I actually learnt it as a child in craft class and I haven’t seen it in the usual craft spots so I thought it would be great to share as a tutorial. The video at the end of this post shows how I put it together.

Independence Day means so much to all of us. Our nation’s struggle for freedom is fresh in all our minds and I hope it continues for generations to come. This challenge is a tribute to the patriotic sentiment that sits with all of us and we are thrilled to see such beautiful and exciting submissions just half way through the month. Thanks for supporting us and happy crafting folks!


  1. Hi Sonia, you're a star! Almost the first to comment on our new posts. I always try to head to your blog as soon as you put something up but I end up being the 44th or 50th comment. Anyway, thanks for your kind words as always.

  2. Thanks Asmita – will get back to you on the query.
    But we're having sale right now and you will get the dies and embossing folders at great discounts. So stop by when you can.

  3. Wow!! i love your packaging and especially the carnation flower its gorgeous!!!…sure brought back memories…and Thanks for sharing the Tute 🙂

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