The Endless Possibilities with Chalk Paints – A Home Decor Project

Hi everyone,

Smita here. Hope you are doing good and enjoying crafting as much as I do. I was super excited when I recieved Little Birdie Chalk paints to create a project as a guest DT. Associating with Itsy Bitsy in any way is an honor. I  would like to thank Rashmi Harish ma’am and Anitha Mallesh for this opportunity.
Now coming to the topic, first let me tell you the special features of Little Birdie chalk paints.
Features of Chalk Paints :
  1. These chalk paints come in  number of vibrant colours in 60ml bottles and 450ml  jars.
  2. They are water based so we can dilute them by mixing water
  3. Little Birdie chalk paints can be applied on any base. It gives a smooth finish when applied with a brush and a little texture when applied with sponge.
  4. The best thing about chalk paints is it that they can be used directly as a base coat and are suitable for both indoor  and outdoor use.
 I highly recommend Little Birdie chalk paints because of the above features and also it’s reasonable price. Its very easy to use, they blend very well to give a silky smooth finish. I have  used it almost in all my projects.
 As I told you, these chalk paints can be used to paint any surface whether it is glass, wood, MDF, metal, wall or terracotta. They can also be directly used as a base coat. Can be used in mixed media, decoupage, to get a distressed and antique look on wood by just sanding it, painting walls, on terracotta pots, to get texture, with crackle mediums and in many more ways.
Now let me show you the way I have used it today. In this project I will show you how to create a beautiful home decor piece by using reverse decoupage technique, crackled  effect and of course getting a beautiful finish using chalk paints.
Step 1: First of clean the glass plate  using alcohol liquid or mild detergent  and warm water. Then wipe it with  clean cloth. 
Step 2: Select the tissue or paper you want to adhere at the rear side of   plate (as we are doing reverse   decoupage). Here I have used a tissue from my stash.
Step 3: Turn the plate and apply thin   layer of Little Birdie Deco magic glue –  matte. Now place the tissue upside-down   at the center and adhere it by pressing   gently with your fingers so that it becomes bubble and crease free. (don’t forget to   remove two layers of the tissue before  adhering it)
Step 4. Now, I sealed it with same glue. As I wanted to create a crackled  effect, I applied a thick coat of Little Birdie One step Crackle Medium on the   entire rear side of plate. Then left  it to dry. 
Step 5: Once the plate was dry, I selected the chalk paints which                 complemented the design and started  blending it on sides of the design with the  help of a sponge.
Step 6:  As the paint dried, the beautiful  cracks started to appear. Now to highlight the cracks and to give my design a  royal look I covered the entire rear side of the plate with gold bronze acrylic colour. 
 Then I sealed it with Little Birdie Home Decor Varnish.  Finally decorated the plate with Little Birdie flowers and a primed chipboard sentiment.
Now my beautiful and colourful home decor piece was ready!!
In this  way you can use chalk paints to create your own beautiful, elegant home decor pieces.
Isn’t it is very colourful, elegant and royal? The golden colour peeping through the cracks makes it look so beautiful!
Hope you all liked this project… Do share your views.
Thank you for stopping by!
Supplies used from Itsy Bitsy:
1. Chalk paints : Salsa Red, Misty Rose, Sailing Sky, Marsh Green, and Snow
2. Little Birdie Deco magic glue – Matte
3. Little Birdie one step crackle  medium
4. Little Birdie Home Decor Varnish
5. Golden Acrylic paint
6. Little Birdie flowers
7. Primed chipboard


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