Shabby Chic Wall Decor with Filament Decoupage Paper

Hi everyone,

DT Serene here with an interesting project using the newly launched Decoupage filament papers.

I am so excited to work with them and to share this lovely project with you. Actually I loved all the 21 designs, but I selected the paper set ‘Music room’ as it suited my project perfectly.

Coming to the papers, they come in a set of 2 coordinating designs in 60gsm, A4 in size. They give a feel of rice paper. This single layer paper can be adhered on all surfaces easily even by the decoupage amateurs, without issues of wrinkles and bubbles. The two complementing designs help in creating coordinated products. 


I have used wooden decorables from Itsy Bitsy as the base for my project. As this project involves a lot of steps, I am breaking up the project into different parts.

This is the final layout of the project.

Pine wood frame

  1. First I will be working on the main pine wood frame .

2. Apply a coat of black gesso all over the inner aspect and let it dry. 

3.Using a white cotton rag cloth apply metallic wax – Neutral Glaze irregularly over the gesso.

4. I  used shades of pastel pink and green over the surface, leaving out irregular gaps of black on the edges. Chalk paints used are – Muted Teal, Whipped Seafoam, Misty Rose, Rose Blush. 

5. This is how it looks after painting. 

5. Using a palette knife scrape out the paint here and there.

6 . Cut out a piece of sandpaper approximately 6 x 5 cm size and lightly sand over the paint.

6. Apply a coat of crackle paste near the four corners and here and there and let it dry.

7. Once the crackle paste is dry, use a knife to scrape out few areas here and there till the black gesso is exposed

8. Use a very diluted wash of chalk paint – Choco Cookie over the crackle paste and at few random areas.

Here is how it looks. Leave it to dry.

Decoupage decorables

  1. I have used two heart decorables (6×6) and a MDF circular coaster. Apply a coat of white gesso over all the three pieces and let them dry completely.

2. Trace out the border of the decorables on to Decoupage filament papers in the set – ‘Music Room’. its so easy to work with and  comes in such fantastic designs. Stick using Little Birdie Deco Magic glue – glossy and seal using one more coat of the same glue and let it dry. There were no wrinkles and the application was really smooth.

Small pine frame

  1. Mix equal amount of chalk paints  – Misty Rose and Rose Blush. Paint the inner square of the pine frame and let it dry.

2. Mark equal gaps and paint the alternate gaps in Whipped Seafoam chalk paint.

3. Paint the inner border with chalk paint shade – Kiwi Mojito. Use archival ink in Coffee shade and a piece of thin cardboard and dab on ink using a sponge.

4. This is how it looks.

5. Once dry, attach the decoupaged circle using silicon glue.

6. Apply a diluted coat of Choco Cookie chalk paint along the inner edge of the square.

Assembly of the wall decor

  1. Paste the individual wooden decorables on to the frame using silicon glue and let it dry.

2 .Dab on a bit of Kiwi Mojito mixed with Sea Foam here and there on the pine frame to add a bit of punch.

3. Mix Burnt Sienna and black acrylic paint with a dab of Crimson Lake. Dilute it and paint with a flat brush size – 4 along the edges and the top corners of the decoupaged decorables and side of the main pine frame and let it dry.

4. Apply stencils randomly using Charcoal, Walnut Cream and Buttermilk shade using  Monte Marte stencil brush. Stencils used are – Timeless Mandala and  Mandala Duo, and  Blossoming Buds.

5. On a fan brush take a little bit of chalk paint – Buttermilk and make a random splash of paint, also do it with a mix of burnt sienna and black. Once dry, randomly apply Little Birdie metallic wax – Antique Gold over  the decorables and the edge of the pine frame.

6. I have used few sentiments from chipboard set – Celebrate, wrote over it with Ranger emboss IT pen black, and used embossing powder – Gold over it and heat embossed it. Then I pasted  it to the decoupaged MDF coaster using  craft glue.

7. Apply Little Birdie wood stain – Chestnut using a sponge or white cloth rag on the main border. Always wear gloves when working with wood stains. Apply Honey Maple wood stain on the inner square. Let it dry. Apply decor varnish – glossy on the decoupaged areas and matte decor varnish on the rest of areas and it is done. Attach hooks at the back to hang it on the wall.

Your beautiful wall decor is ready.

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Products used

Decoupage filament paper

Pine wood frame .


Chalk paints

Mandala duo 4 x 4 stencil

Timeless Mandala 4 x 4 stencil

Blossoming buds

Archival ink coffee 

White gesso

Black gesso

Decomagic glue glossy

Flatbbrush set

Fan brush

Stencil brush

Metallic wax antique gold

Metallic wax neutral glaze

Acrylic paint-Burnt sienna 

Acrylic paint – Crimson lake

Acrylic paint Black 

Crackle paste

Wood stain – Chestnut

Wood stain – Honey maple

Silicon glue


Chipboard- Celebrate 

Utility  knife 

Ranger emboss IT pen

Embossing powder gold


Small pine frame

Mdf coaster 

Heart decorable

Craft glue

Decor varnish glossy



matte decor varnish

sand paper

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