Once Upon A Time…….. Shabby Chic Mixed Media Altered Bottle

Hello all you lovely people, Mukta here!

Winter is setting in and that means…..we are nearing the end of yet another crafty year……there is yet a month more and we here at Itsy Bitsy have so much more to show you guys….I hope you guys are finding inspiration in what we are putting up for you all.

This is my favorite season and it just creates this whimsical and magical scene for me……I can’t really explain but I just like to add glitter and sparkle in everything I make (Trust me even my cakes have edible glitter) and I just live in this Fairy tale world filled with princesses, dragons, fairies, rainbows and other whimsical things……..

So here is what I have for you all today…. a mixed media altered- bottle inspired by the magical theme. I have used chipboard embellishments, flowers, gesso, metallic paints and almost everything from ItsyBitsy. I actually did shoot a procedure video…… but during transfer I lost the video. I was lucky and I have a few pictures of the procedure and I will explain every step. So lets go….

  1. I started with a green glass bottle which was just lying in my room as I lost the lid… I cleaned it with soap and thoroughly dried it.  The bottle was primed with a thin coat of gesso and then I dried it completely with my heat tool.
  2. Now was the time to add texture to the bottle…so I did a little stencil work using the net and inclined dot stencil with Texture paste.  I used chipboard embellishments and started to imitate a tower.  I added a frame in the upper part of the bottle and some vine and flourishes. I also used a flourish  to crown my bottle top…looks cool right!! To make the chipboard more flexible, I sprayed it with water and then shaped it and then dried it. I used some chipboard flowers from a chipboard embellishment pack I bought at Itsy Bitsy some time back and added them to the bottle. To adhere all this I have used Matt gel medium from Monte Marte. It works really well and I had no problem of anything falling apart. Again I covered everything with a coat of white gesso and dried everything using my heat tool.
  3. I have used acrylic colors this time to color my altered project. I have used  3 colors from the newly launched Tinted Metallic Paints – Shimmery Sherbet, Blue Waltz, and Caribbean Teal, Art zone Metallic Paint – Lemon and  Mont Marte Metallic Gold paint. I mixed little paint and water in a a spray bottle and sprayed on the bottle….I did this so that I could achieve a better blending.  I also added little Metallic white paint to the bottle to tone down the colors and so it doesn’t look very bright. You can however use brushes and sponge daubers also for painting the bottle. I dry brushed white gesso and then let the bottle dry completely overnight.
  4. The next morning, I started with the final part of the decoration. I got out all the old flowers from Itsy Bitsy which was just lying in my stash and decided  to put them to good use.  I was going for this “PRINCESS LOCKED IN A TOWER……WAITING TO BE RESCUED” look and so wanted to build this floral vine just like on the towers. I used some jute rope and deconstructed it to get some fibers and added some twine to it. You can use coconut natural fiber from the store instead of deconstructing a jute twine. I adhered this to my bottle again using matt gel medium. Then, I started to assemble the flowers…I have used all the colors I could see after my bottle was painted. This is how it looks….
  5. I let all this dry thoroughly and it look 2 hours for that….. I did not touch anything and just walked away from my bottle. After 2 hours, I came back with some fun texture elements like micro beads, clear glitter, some rainbow sparkle and added it at a few places to give this tower a whimsical and magical touch it needed. I probably can’t explain to you, how beautiful it looks in real!! Its sad, as pictures do not catch the real beauty of a project…or at least I can’t photograph it so well.
  6. I also added some white pebbles I made using texture paste……I actually created them by mistake when some texture paste was left open for few hours and it got a little dry….I started to play with it and by chance started to form little balls….VOILÀ… pebbles!!!
  7. I finished my altered art with some handwritten sentiments on a black cardstock using Gold gel pen….. “Once Upon A Time”, Magic, Sparkle, Dream and Believe.

That’s all….I hope you like my altered project and draw some inspiration from it.

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DT Mukta


  1. Love this one…and particularly liked the clever tip…spraying acrylic colors! Worked really well here!

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