Mandala Clock With Pearl Drops

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I am here with another interesting post. The star performer of this blog post is Little Birdie’s newly launched product “Pearl Drop”.

What a unique product this is! The best part is that these Pearl Drops come in various lovely shades and gives you the perfect flat back pearl effect.

Here you go with the entire process of making Mandala and its unique decoration with Pearl Drops.

The first step starts with a generous coat of Little Birdie white gesso on a 10 x 12 inches canvas board.

Once dry, start making the guidelines using a compass and pencil. This step is most important if you want to make fine mandalas with repetitive design and patterns. It allows you to make perfect repetitive designs with the given measurements.

I also marked dots on the circle with 0.5 cm spacing. Start colouring the circle using chalk paints.

I usually make Mandalas with permanent black pen first and then I use transparent inks or watercolours to colour it. But here it’s different.

I wanted to use chalk paints and these are opaque in nature. It can hide the pen drawings. So I first coloured the circles and then used a 0.8 point size technical pen to draw.

Let your imagination fly and start making beautiful designs using the guidelines.

I stencilled the numbers on the clock with the help of Little Birdie’s Mixed Media Paste.

The best part of using chalk paints is that you can do correction if you do something wrong or you want to change the design anywhere.

I didn’t like that dark blue colour so I replaced it with my favourite colour Tuscan Teal.

I decided to highlight the numbers so I coloured the background with white colour. Of course, I have given touch-ups with a black pen on these tiny white circles.

I was so excited to complete this clock, that I didn’t feel like touching the centre part. Please ignore that black mess in the centre for now.

Coloured the numbers with black ink and also gave a finishing to the outlines.

This is how I have continued on this Mandala clock…

However, till now my mandala is not finished but I couldn’t resist myself using the most amazing product Pearl Drop!

What a beautiful way of making flat back pearls…

Ahha! What a beautiful and satisfying view of these drops.

I am loving this.

This is the final drawing with mandala and drops.

Varnish the entire board and put clock hands. Now, this clock is all set to be hung on the wall.

Hope you liked this project.

Looking forward to your amazing creations using Pearl Drops for the this month’s Blog Challenge.


Seema Sinha

Here is a list of products I have used.




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