It’s that time of the year again! We’re accepting applications for our 2020 – 2021 Design Team! This is a  6 month contract beginning in November 2020. We are looking for individuals who are passionate, creative, ready to explore, eager to learn new things, and willing to take on the challenge of promoting our products.

Itsy Bitsy is the no. 1 Hobby, Arts & Crafts store in India & currently has 23 Brick & Mortar stores & a very user friendly e-commerce site as well! Itsy Bitsy started out 13 years ago & can proudly say it brought Arts & Crafts into modern retailing in India!

Itsy Bitsy is the only Indian craft business that manufactures, retails & E-tails!

Having said that, Itsy Bitsy is not just in the business that sells art and craft supplies but focuses on creating an ecosystem that empowers rural women by providing mass rural employment. The extremely creative company has an ambitious plan to design & manufacture more & more craft supplies under its label “Little Birdie” in order to provide, grow & sustain employment & empower rural women in India.

Why should you apply to our design team call ? 

  • You get an attractive starter kit!
  • 20% discounts at for all your purchases as our exclusive Design Team member( T & C apply).
  • You may get an opportunity to do workshops / store demos etc.
  • You will also get store vouchers to select products every month (Store or online).
  • Promotion of your name and work on our social media channels including the Itsy Bitsy blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.
  • You may get a chance to participate in our new store opening ceremonies.
  • You will get access to all our new arrivals.
  • Custom watermark and badge to display on your blog and other social media channels.
  • You may get opportunities to do paid projects from time to time.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Is excited about the products that Itsy Bitsy carries and can help us express how wonderful they are to work with.
  • Is active on social media and has an established noticeable presence/ followers. This can be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog.
  • Is willing to promote our products on their personal blogs and/or social media accounts.
  • Has proficiency in English. Can write clear, simple, step-by-step directions.
  • Has the ability to create 2 projects every month using our products that inspire our customers and show them all the incredible things they can do with them.
  • Is comfortable interacting with customers on social media.
  • Is a team player and promotes the work of other DT members on social media platforms regularly.
  • Stellar photography skills and YouTube video skills.
  • 1 step by step pictorial  and 1 video in a month for the blog/YouTube is mandatory.
  • You should have the knack of promoting products.
  • You should be able to inspire the audience with beautiful and unique projects by using products creatively in new styles, with new techniques to avoid monotony and grab the attention of the audience.
  • You cannot be a DT member of any other Indian art and craft brand. If you are a part of any international brand please inform us and send us the blog link .

The application process:

• If you are interested in joining the creative team, you must post your creations with #itsybitsydtcall on Facebook and Instagram and fill the google form.

Kindly fill your details here :

In case it is a video which you want to share, then use the # on YouTube too.

#Please make sure your creative project is related to the craft category which you are applying for.

• You should submit your project with #itsybitsydtcall  However it is not necessary to use our products (It would be much appreciated if you do so).

• Entries will be then selected for level 2 where we will send you our products and you have to create projects with them. This project also has to be posted on all social media platforms.

• Thereafter, we will select the final Design Team.


All the best


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