It’s Amazing What You Can Do With Craft Flowers

As you know, we at ItsyBitsy are focussing on craft flowers this month. We have an interesting challenge going on and so far we’ve got 5 fantastic submissions. The twist of the challenge is that you must create something other than a scrapbook or card using craft flowers. That leaves a world of options and to give you a taste, we’ve created this – a craft flower necklace with matching earrings. For more on the challenge, click on on our post – The Itsy Bitsy Craft Flowers Challenge.

Original isn’t it? A craft flower necklace. Now you don’t have to head to your favorite jewelry store to accessorize your look. Just pop into your craft closet and create your own accessories. I’m thinking this creation combined with a strappy white dress would be perfect for a brunch out with the girls. Or, add it to a rust silk sari and you’ve got an evening look. You probably won’t find anyone else wearing the same thing or even something similar. Isn’t that the best thing about craft?

To build this creation, here are some of the things you will need.

1. Some ear wire hooks and open jumprings to provide the framework.

2. Some Iridescent Round Sequins for support. 

3. And of course, you need some craft flowers. We used the boutique elements vintage Symphony Flowers and the vintage Petite Daisies.

And that’s about it. Get working on your craft flower necklace today. We’d love to see what you come up with. Also drop by our Craft Flowers Challenge and send in your submissions. Just 12 days to go and 2 vouchers of Rs. 1000 each up for grabs!


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